Unexplained fainting

Anyone have any idea why in the chill queen event my arcadions are simply being k.o’d without even being attacked?

Puffotoxins have an ability called volatile which practically KOs your arks when they are KOed. And sure enough, there were plenty of puffotoxins in there.

If possible, kill the Puffotoxins the last, this will avoid volatile.

Isnt it called Death Revenge? But after the checkpoint u Will see less puffoxins

Do puffoxins in your party have this same effect? Crazy I never noticed it.

Yeah but only to the opponent

To be a bit more practical. It doesnt automatically KO your ark too when they are KOed. It’s just going to damage them with extremely high damage. I’ve confirmed this when my kami & shadowstalker that have been reinforced got the volatile damage.

Also stun skinners, like gremknight, raioh etc are immune to volatile.