Glitch or intentional? a few PVP situations

Stun gift

Let’s say my Raioh casts stun gift on my Arkwing.

Then my Arkwing uses AOE, all the enemies are stunned, as expected.

If my Arkwing gets a bonus action and uses AOE again, all the enemies are stunned for another 150 TU again.

This is a total of 300 TU, and is devastating in PVP. I have experienced this many times. Is this intentional or a glitch?


Let’s say my enemy has been put to sleep.

I use my Shadowstalker and accidently click chain claw on the enemy. The enemy should be waken by this attack.

But if my Shadowstalker gets a bonus action, the enemy will still be sleeping, and I can dreamhunt it. Is this intentional or a glitch?


Let’s say my Shadowstalker casts Scapegoat on itself. Then my Goldenhorn comes in and casts Guard.

I would expect people cannot single attack my Shadowstalker anymore (until Goldenhorn dies or after 500 TU), but I found that people can still single hit my Shadowstalker. This has happened many times in my PVP battles. Is this intentional or a glitch?

No defence

Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

I have heard from an experienced player saying that if an Ark has not got its first turn yet, no defence will not affect that Ark. Have other players experienced this? Is this intentional or a glitch?

Oh, and if you kill and activate Volatile and it targets the attacking monster, it won’t die then if it gets a BA. You get an extra attack in before it takes the damage.

I believe it’s because of the BA, the first move’s read as costing 0 TU. Therefore, since Volatile’s duration is 1, it doesn’t die. Also, since Stun Gift works towards it’s next move, it’s probably because a move is only considered complete after all BA are over…so you can consider 3 BA one single move, I guess. After all, a move is classified as an ability that costs TU…after a BA is obtained, you really only spent 0 TU…so yeah…

Yes, I have experienced all of the above situations…some, like volatile and stun, seem intentional…the others seem a bit off though