PVP bugs

Haste hasn’t even working for me in online pvp at all lately but when my opponent uses it, it somehow works for them and gives them a huge advantage… Also my don penguini’s volatile death revenge effect sometimes doesn’t work and I kno about the delay with bonus actions. That’s not the case at all, like it legitimately has no affect and I have penguini in the front of my line up so it’s nowhere close to the end of the battle.
The death revenge thing barely happens but I feel like the haste not coming into effect is much more common and works less than half of the times I use it.

While it may not update the TU below your Arks’ attacks, haste still goes into effect. It’s simply a graphical display glitch.

His Volatile, I have noticed, doesn’t *ALWAYS* work, but it works much more often than not. I ended up dropping him for that sole purpose.

Stun skinners are immune from poison/volatile. Were you fighting stun skinners then?

One of the arks on my opponents team had the stun skin effect but the volatile effect didn’t even work on the shadowstalker.
So you’re saying the haste is just a graphical error? & it does really work?
I’m gonna look on the side at the numbers the next time I notice my haste doesn’t work and let you know how that works out.

With ShadowStalker, perhaps it’s already buffed, either through reinforce or last will & therefore DP’s volatile hardly reduced its hp -that’s why you didn’t realise there was any damage.

Yes, it does work. See for yourself the TU spent one you use haste.