Higher team cost

Its comfirmed, th new levels will give more team cost, i personaly think this is making the game alot more p2w…

Increasing team cost from the current cost was one of the STUPIDEST thing they have ever done.pvp won’t be the same anymore.

Ask someone who was trying to catch up with the old players atleast in terms of team cost… :frowning:

The monster pool is huge but players can’t farm for gems and after clearing the content even worse. You have the fixed ones and most of them are conditioned by tickets and once you run out of tickets you can close the app or spend one of those gems.

I complain for a reason and from the 3 monster games I play, this one is the least appealing. Still, it has some value on its battle mechanics, and the fact that I only have a few legendaries atm, keeps me going for a chance to get more.

The legendary hatch rate should drop and means to acquire gems should rise. Repeatable achievements, gem mines with 10/10 daily tries, etc.

I like to spend cash on games but one without its farming counterpart is bullshit. I didn’t say the following on a topic I created before because I was unsure but now I can confirm that someday, the veterans with tons of legendaries will be playing with flies.

There are 2 types of app developers. Those like me who put some effort at the beggining, keep the app up to date every 3 months, release content time to time and enjoy the $ it gives to go on holidays. And the other ones that not only focus on making profit but also in creating a friendly and enjoyable environment that atracts every type of players. That not just releases content but also improves the game with new functions.

Neomonsters has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many monsters for the little progress it made as an app.


P.s - I’m not climbing survival of the fittest ever again. So boring. Put a damn special egg or x5 gems in there.

They really need to raise the legendary hatch rate by a substantial margin. I will NEVER AGAIN use my gems outside of festival eggs and even there it’s what, only 40% or so to get a legendary in a 10 hatch? And then it can be a dupe? I would like to say that the other monsters you get are useful at least but since the vast majority are clones just in different elemental types, it won’t do you any good if you get your 4th SE Twin Killer. Nah, most of the good and fun SEs are the event ones (which is nice because you can at least guarantee yourself to get those then but that still doesn’t mean the hatch offerings are disappointing). In a similar vain, why are so many of the legendaries limited to special/festival eggs? Would be nice if I could get anything if I’m just lucky but nah, really no point in spending gems outside of those events.

to tell the truth i dont even know why their is a special egg in the first place just make it a 24 hour festival egg insted of us wating untill the next one

Guys. The devs need to eat. Legends are their way of making money. They need money to live.

Well, the players who leave the game because they feel as though there’s no adequate progression to be made without being really dedicated and/or spending money, those won’t be there to pay for the devs food. If we go by simplified “devs gotta eat” logic then yeh, let’s make those legendaries even rarer because why not? Devs gotta eat. Except the user base will care more about playing a good game rather than whether random developer XYZ has food on his plate.

Well. That is the simplified version.

The devs have to balence their own needs with the playerbase. This is true.

Legends are supposed to be rare. They are the things you build teams around. If you give out to many then you get problems though with legends losing their worth. If everyone has 20+ legends then no one will want to spend anymore creating the same problem that we have now.

If the chance gets put even lower, then people will think that it isn’t worth spending. So then the devs don’t get money either. This isn’t a black and white problem. I currently don’t think it is worth spending money as $4 will get you currently a 1 in 25 or 1 in 18 chance of getting something that you can build teams around or have fun with. If they put it lower then good luck getting money out of your playerbase.

The devs made it really hard for themselves deciding to target the people with lots of money rather then trying to target the people who have maybe $5 a month to spend on the game. If they had targeted those people, then they would end up making somewhere around $250000 a month. Which is probably a lot more then they are getting currently. What the devs should do is create some events that cost maybe $5 to participate in that will give a legend If you get to a certain level. I know I would definitely pay for that and I think that most of the playerbase would. The devs need to target a broader audience then the 0.5% with $500 to spend in a month. It would make the game a lot more interesting and the devs could regulate the amount of legends effectively negating of the p2w aspect. They could even make it so that in these events you can pick 1 of 3 legends to obtain instead of getting a set one.

The devs also said a while back that some of the permanent pvp rewards would be legendaries. So really we all need to be patient.

Its comfirmed, th new levels will give more team cost, i personaly think this is making the game alot more p2w…

What is the new level cap now?

Even if it Might be way more fair and price way to low but many would start complaining if they introduce a Pay only event .

As for me I strongly support this suggestion but really hope this doesn’t turn out like UC which only favours a very selected few legendaries to even have a hope to climb.

Unknown, they don’t want to reveal.

You didn’t read my last post did you. . . :confused:

Devs can Set 173 team cost for PVP.

I hope they do

W8 for Friday

It means I can ultraevolve Chrono when my cost cap reaches 178. Not bad.

I still hate how they keep trying to sneak in unpopular changes like cryptblade and now the team cost increase without even saying 1 word about it.

Codex does have a point though, their communication with the community here still needs to be slightly improved. Surely they can post at least weekly updates about management of the game rather than keeping the forum in the dark half the time

i think this is a bug devs are not that stupid to increase the cost.

Yeh the value you get for paying just doesn’t seem worth it. I spend roughly 30€ for getting ~50gems and got my third anniversary package that way. Only got the one guaranteed legendary which was Solariel, which is a good mon, but wasn’t what I was hoping for when I had just gotten Serapheon in the first pack. So, while I justified that purchase because I played the game for a good 2 months and enjoyed it and the devs were deserving it at least in that regard, I can’t the purchase itself felt worth the money whatsoever. Don’t think any of the epics or SE were of any use. And that’s for 30€. Imagine it wasn’t with the guaranteed leg drop either, would’ve been 30€ for nil. The value proposition just isn’t there unless you’re somewhat wealthy. Super Monster League, which is another mobile monster game I started a couple weeks ago, has e.g. a package you can buy for 9€ which seems worth quite a bit. Now, I’m still f2p in that game so far, but if I were to purchase that, I’d at least think the value I’m getting is somewhat acceptable.

Then I look at the NeoMon store and it’s 6 gems for 4€? Like, you kidding me?