New rules on tickets, etc

So are they going to bump everyone who is above hero rank 100 back down to a cost limit of 173? It is a bit unfair to do that retroactively.

Where did you read that??

That sounds like an incredibly weird move to do, especially considering secret skills add extra cost to the monsters so making a 173 cost team is now much more restrictive than it used to be.

EDIT: Just logged in and seen the notice. What I take from it is that team cost will now max out by hero rank 100 but it’s most likely going to be exactly what we currently have at rank 150.

Going rank 100-200 should be adding more tickets so we can spend more time away from the game while still being efficient AND spending 1 gem to restore the tickets will have greater effect. This seems very interesting. I like the sound of this advantage high level players get but worry that lower level players might have a hard time keeping on top of their tickets when it’s important for limited-time events.

One thing these changes will definitely do is give a big help out to newer players with their progression through the game. I remember that tickets were very restrictive, especially when trying to get the youth fruit, silver and ingredients for ultra evolving. Getting the team cost up faster will make them more competitive sooner too which is always a good thing.

I hope you are correct.

Now all ppl can get the same team cost like ours 150 ppl??? :s why? Thats not just! :cry:

To clarify, the maximum team cost is remaining the same (206 i think) but the level you reach it at is being set to 100 instead of 150. 

Also to those who have grinded the levels (me included) this does seem annoying, but consider everyone going through what we have and it does make some sense.

People always could’ve got to 150 before, it was just whether or not they bothered to grind. Now there’s less grinding needed for the team cost but for those who do bother there’s a LONG WAY to go to 200 and there’s a benefit of more tickets. This benefit may not be as much as a higher team cost, but depending on the recharge rate of tickets it could be extremely useful.

From the PvP data it shows how the majority of active players are under hero rank 100. My guess is that’s because most people who enjoy the game don’t have the time or energy to grind levels. Surely it’s a very good thing to make a larger portion of the player base competitive as well as making it easier for them to catch up?

And yup it’s 206 max team cost at current lvl 150.

Honestly, playing the events as they came gave you enough exp to get to 150 without having to “grind”

That being said, I’m glad they aren’t cutting team cost back to 173, although I’m not going to complain if they give some compensationary gems to anyone over Hero Rank 100 :wink:

Z19 GaryOak

We are going to change the curve of increasing cost when ranking up. The professional chart I just drew below can clearly explain it.

According to the PvP report, veterans just destroy every fresh trainers, especially some of them even lower their battle points for it.

We are making this change in order to make mid players and beginners more competitive and enjoy being destroyed playing PvP and events.

We will have great achievement rewards as compensation for the players who have ground to Lv150 for max costs previously.

Thank you for understanding.

VKC I have a question. There’s talk that the dupe issue on monsters will be fixed. I’m guessing that instead of getting a dupe we will instead get a potion. If that is the case what happens to the monsters that have already been messed up from dupes or will the update only affect dupes in the future and not previously. Like will we for instance get a one off chance to remove all bonus from our monsters and be able to then put the potions where we want, ie if you have a +4 doom from dupes which you ideally want to keep at +0 will you be able to remove them potions once to then put where you want or will it not affect previous dupes?

Can I double like, simply for that chart?

Ill be taking VKC’s back till he fixed my account (thank you)… so give them a bit of slack, but yes dupes should be something wonderful not something that can worry you, or ruin strategies…

We are fully aware the issue. We have come out with a way can solve this issue for all the monsters including the ones players currently have.

I’m just getting good news today  :wub:

Thanks VKC

wolf I dunno what your going on about, I asked a question I got an answer. I don’t think VKC needed you to have his back for that.

I feel like that’s more because the meta is very polarising right now, either you have the tools to stun / deal with stun or you don’t and lose as a result. I mean I’m not gonna lie, the cost makes a difference, but I don’t think it’ll have the impact you’re aiming for. 

Also a like for the mad MS paint skillz

yea, i think its time for either a SE leo, or a monster that makes your team stun inmune while he is alive (so pretty much deflecting stun(?).

Btw vince, did your son/little brother made the chart? Tell him he has talent :v

When I read your post, I understood something different (failed multitasking) that your telling vkc to fix it, which you didn’t… So i wanted to back VKC a bit up as there are quite a few other things ongoing of higher priority in my opinion. (my account isnt one of them as it only affects me, but VKC being nice did put it on high priority. thus leaving even less time till the update.)

In conclusion:

Sorry i read you post wrong and didnt know that the dupe problem will be in the coming update… 

Yeah, I understand our meta right now is stun. We are still planning to rerelease Bitterbeast event.

I know many people have asked, hopefully we can release it in 2 weeks :mellow:

Shut up vegi!

No worry buddy. I understand what you feel and don’t feel guilty as we won’t delay our update progress because of it.

And you should thank our support team. They do 99% of the job :wink:

VKC deserves a raise.

ha ha nice chart…

ha ha everyone shuts up Vegi… :joy:

Agreed… Since he joint the team… good things have happen oftenly… I’m sure more people is involved at the back… so, thanks to those guys also! I’m also one that wants something much better from dupes. Hopefully next update will gives us that!