hey, i just joined a few hours ago, and i wanted to introduce myself. im jjchen1 (duh) and i used to play the game geomon. i played from almost the very beggining all the way to the end. ive been searching for that perfect replacement (much like jemnidad) and im hoping this will be it. there were many thigs that geomon had that im hoping this will have, such as a chat system, friends lists, and of course, a nice community. see you around the forums!

I am certain you’ll find a new favorite in this game, don’t worry! :slight_smile:

I’m not certain about the chat functions but I can assure you, with all my being, that there won’t be a happier community in all the internets than the one right here.

there were many thigs that geomon had that im hoping this will have, such as a chat system, friends lists, and of course, a nice community. see you around the forums!

No chat system to start with but that can always be added in the future. The game will have plenty of updates :).

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Hey!!! JJ!!
It seems like a lot of geomon players will come here!
If only we could tell the people who didnt join our forums. :frowning:
Btw this is doomshadow with his name changed ^^

Welcome jjchen1.  Saw your role-play thread.  Figured that was only a matter of time.  ;)

Just wanted to say that I’ve change my username to lyrux, although I’m keeping my banner the same. You can still call me jj and the other past names though

Also, if you didn’t know, lyrux was the name of a hybrid i made in geomon, and here’s the story i wrote to go along with it.


my name is lyrux
I am a hybrid of leo and Lennox. When I was just a baby, strange men in labcoats came and took me away. I was injected with many different energies. I turned out looking like a grey leo with Lennox wings.

I was bullied by other geomon passing by because of me being a hybrid, but I diddnt mind. I eventually found a friend, his name was Tarvos, an he was an auroch. We always would take the long way through the forest when going home, but that all changed one day.

We were walkin through the forest like we usually do, when a man in a white lab coat came up behind us. When I turned around, I saw memories flashing by. I saw when i was created. I hate the white coats. I leaped up at the white coat when suddenly something slammed into me. I looked at the strange creature. It had the body of a dullahan, but strange wings on its back. He head was clouded with darkness. I blacked out. The next thing i knew, i was in a clearish black room. I saw the white coat walking. Into a lab. I needed to find a way out. I realized that i was in a crystal. I always have wondered what happened inside a crystal,and I was about to find out.

I noticed a glowing light near the center i the crystal. I stepped into it and then all wend black.

I woke up in a strange place. There was another leo standing above me. “Yeah, he’ll be ok,” he said in a deep voice. Uggh, where am i? I said. Everyone suddenly turned around and started talking ecstatically. The leo yelled QUIET!! And they all stopped. Well son, you’re in the connected crystals. What the heck is that? I asked. The leo responded,“when crystals are close enough together, they all combine on the inside to make a new dimension”. i felt a tugging sensation and then suddenly i was outside with another geomon facing me. i knew that if i broke my crystal then i was free. i turned around and smashed my owners crystal onto the ground and ran off. very few agents have ever seen me. ive been running ever since.

the hybrid part 2

its been 3 days now since i ran off. im still in the forest, and its a full moon. all of a sudden, i heard a rustling, twigs snapping, a thundering smashing of feet on earth. What could it be? A lykos? a saggitarius? it crashed through the bushes and i panicked. i ran. and ran, and ran. all of a sudden i heard, lyrux! lyrux! its me! your friend! Tarvos! i turned around. sure enought, he was there. he ran up to me and started spewing qiestions like water coming out of a faucet. where have you been? what happened? i told him to slow down and i told him all of the past events. he stopped and stared at me. “what?,” i said,“its not that hard to believe, is it?” nnno, stuttered tarvos. he used his horn to poind behind me. there it was. a sagitarius. its arrow fully notched, its hand trembling slightly with the supressed power of the bow. he fired. i watched, as if in slow motion, the arrow spinning towards me. then, all went dark.

i woke up 20 minutes later. as i saw tarvos’ body on the ground, i knew what happened. he had saved me, but in return gave up his own life. i solemly put him high up in the trees so no espers could reach him and continued to mourn him. For two months i waited, pondering how I could bring him back, plotting how I would beat the sagitarrius,when finally, a pongo came up to me. "Heeeeyyyyy,"it said in a high screechy voice,“ever heard of mountain of flares?” “Roomier has it that if you reach the top you can get a wish by the esper there!” I stared incredulously.

for the next few days, i climbed up the mountain. i faced many challenges. on the first day, i was climbing, when suddenly, 3 wisps appeared in front of my. gggooodddbbbyyyyeee thay said in their ghostlike voice. they all threw a fireball. i dodged 2, but got hit by one. luckily, it did not do much damage, as i am already a fire type. i let loose my solar flare. the bright light and heat instantly dissapated the wisps, leaving 3 red rubys on the ground where they floated. i picked them up and then thought, 'i might need these later" and then picked them up.

The next day was much better. I woke up in the middle of the night with a shadhavar standing over me. Seeing that my rp recharges fairly quick, I used solar flare and instantly defeated shadhavar. Then I went back to sleep. When I woke up, I looked outside. I saw a beautiful iris galloping by. I continued on my journey, traveling up 10 miles by the end of the day an eating the occasional squarra who ran by. By that time, i was exhausted. I could see the top, but I decided to rest first.

The final day, i got up with nothing disturbing me. It must be that the higher you go, the less espers you see. When I reached the summit, it was just a volcano, where was the wish giver? Suddenly, a HUGE laurelix appeared. “Holy (censored) is that a laurelix!” I screamed" there’s only like, 5 ones in the world!" It turned around, "what is your wish? When suddenly, I realized that there was a man in white, he sent out a scorpio, and the laurelix instantly dissapeared it. I then realized that the mark on its wing shows that is an alpha. The man hen sent out a varg, as it is a shadow type, it was easily defeated by laurelix. Finally, he sent out a strange thing. It looked like a sphlynx with the American flag. Laurelix bent down and ate the sphlynx in one bite. SPHLYIX USE FIREWORK! The man shouted. All of a sudden, laurelix fell out of the sky and landed on the ground.the man threw a crystal and captured it. He then left in one of those strange flying vehicles that he humans have. I diddnt want to, but I knew I had to find that man and get laurelix.

Is been 3 weeks now, and I’ve been trailing his vehicle. He has driven towards a towering volcano, higher than the clouds. I knew the thrakos there, i met him once. He isn’t likely to take the mans visit lightly. I continued to trail him, up the winding craggy volcano, until he has at the top, near he edge of the crater. He then took out a small device and suddenly an huge hologram appeared over a mile across. It wasnt really a hologram, it was a special light wave generator that allows humans to see us. Mos people just carry and anchor, after all, money think we aren’t even real. The man said it was the anchor 3000 talking to himself. A huge column of lava burst from the volcano. It enveloped everywhere. Everywhere i looked, lava. As i am part fire type, i wasn’t affected, it just fel like warm water. The man couldn’t possibly have survived. When the smoke cleared, i saw him in a bubble of pure light. His laurelix must’ve used shield, i thought. A sudden roar jolted me back to attention. Thrakos was in front of the man. The man was using his cetus to defeat the thrakos. I had to get his laurelix to get my wish. I had 5minutes at most. I swiftly moved towards laurelix. When I got close, i whispered,“can I have a wish?” Laurelix said ok and I wished for Tarvos to be back. Laurelix strangely said that it took alot of effort and he brought him back…partially. I ran off to find the body i placed in the trees.

3 weeks and 2 days later
I was walking through the forest where a placed Tarvos. I knew I was roughly in tw place where I put his body. I heard a soft click click, as if it were two bones hiring together. Ahhhhh! I screamed and fell. Tarvos was there, yet not. He was bones. A walking skeleton. H…how did… I’m not really a auroch. I’m Zwingo. Tarvos said. Wht the heck is a Zwingo! I asked. Well, I’m a different kind of esper that can take the form of any esper, real or speculated, and look exactly like it.

Lyrux, the hybrid. The final day.
Tracking the scientist was hard, but i finally found him. Listening to some people speaking near the lab, i heard that a strange monster has materialized an may destroy them all. this was my chance. if that monster could distract then long enough, i can free the hybrids in the lab and stop the strange scientist.Looking over at the strange shelters that the scientist lives in, i saw something, someone, that had a glowing yellow staff as bright as the sun and a snake curled around one shoulder, with eyes filled with evil and determination. This must be the thing they were talking about. Its power radiated from its body, sending waves of different elements all over the place. I couldn’t tell what its elements were, but i knew this wiuld work. Tarvos, can you change into a laurelix? Tarvos replied, " definately." I watched as his body changed, dark, space purple wings sprouted out of him, his body changed to that of a birds, a mask grew over his face and with a screech of determination, he flew up into the air. The other strange poeple in labcoats stared up in wonder, simultaneously pulling out their radars, trying to bond the magestic cosmic lix. They forgot about the strange monster. I ran over there, my grey paws running on the damp green grass. I ran towards the lab, the one where i was created, where the scientist could be. 10 meters away, 8 meters away, 7 meters aw-ahhhh! The snake from the strange monsters back grabbed ahold if my back legs, throwing me back, and smashing my wings onto the grass. I heard the snap of a bone breaking. My wings were completely immobile. I couldn’t move them. I was at the mercy of this terrible beast. " YOU SHALL NOT GET IN MY WAY!" It screamed, "I WILL DESTROY THEM ALL!“he then raised a fist, glowing red, and i thrashed and roared and bit until he let go. I tried to limp away, but as i was going a man in a white lab coat picked me up and carried me to the lab. The scientist? I had not any energy to fight him, i just had to watch and see what he had in store for me. He put me in a large blue cylinder, pressed a button and it started to glow around me. This is the end, i thought. I closed my eyes, and …i was healed? My wings could move.i laughed when i saw the face of the man who bonded the laurelix only to have it dissapear and turn into a auroch. The scientist says,” without you and your friend, we wouldve lost to the beast. Us there anything we can do to repay you. I smiled and said, yes, yes i do.

You write really good stories jjchen!

Welcome to the forums Lyrux
Hope to see you around more.