Hello Everyone!

Hi! My name is Inferstrain. I’m another old player from Geomon. In fact, I was a moderator there aswell. I’m kinda planning on “migrating” here once this game is released.

The game looks AMAZING. Everything about it is top notch. I hope the trailers and the screenshots actually deliver.

I’m someone that, once they find a game they like, they get attached forever. This seems like one of those games. Geomon was one of those games. Pokemon was one of those games. A mix of both would be a dream. And that’s what this game is shaping up to be. I like it. I like the funny yet cool art style. Theres pretty much nothing i don’t like about this game.

A little bit about me now, now that I have expressed my feelings for this game. I’m a very avid Pokemon fan. It’s part of the reason i want to try this game out. Competitive and actual strategic battling is kind of my thing, and game tries to incorporate that. It seems a lot Pokemon-esque. It seems like it’s extremely good. Just recently, on release day, I got Pokemon X. Easily the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played ever since Yellow and SoulSilver. My favorite color is aqua blue, and my favorite Pokemon is Infernape, which is what my name is based on. I also like to play sports on my free time, I sometimes sing but my voice sounds like a dying goat. The sports I play are Basketball, Soccer and Tennis. Sometimes, I like to draw, but I’m not very good at that either, haha.

Well, that’s all you need to know about Inferstrain. I hope I’m accepted here with open arms. This feels like a great community and I’m hoping to dive inside it a little more.

Welcome to the forum!  Glad you have you on board! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see you around more!

Welcome to the forums *bro hug* nice to have you on board, it’s a ride here :smiley:

Bout time you came here, Infer!

By the way, this is is Doomshadow from Geomon. 


Welcome to the forums.
Can’t wait to talk to you more.
Don’t worry I used to be new here everybody is very nice.
It’s a great community.

Welcome to the forums! Hope you will have a pleasent stay. :slight_smile:

Welcome to hunter island infer! i hope you enjoy it!

Personally, I don’t think the teaser did the game justice.  

Oh, and hey Infer.  Ya, you know me, mod mate.

Welcome to the forums, my man.

Just so you know, I ain’t no Reset. 

Hey everyone! I’m really glad to see many old faces. I think I’ll get along with the new ones too :slight_smile:

Welcome Infer

BTW Infernape makes my top list of pokemon,but vulpix will always rule on top.

And here is another old Mod of Geomon :slight_smile: It’s me Jeannette.

It’s good to see alot of old Geomon friends on here that way we can talk with each other again.

I hope I like this game but so far I downloaded a game and deleted it 5 minutes later except for Geomon so this game has to be better or equal to Geomon.

I was not a part of the Geomon craze but I can assure you, some of the beta testers that did play Geomon can attest that Hunter Island is worth your time!