Hey every body!

I thought i might make a post in here because im new to the forums

Hi everyone, please be nice to me because sometimes I’m a horrid speller :slight_smile:

Little bit about me and Hunter Island,

Im up the the last boss decided to take a break and farm myself some new guys, mostly those pesky dragonlings!!! Going to have fun farming those :slight_smile:

Im so totally addicted that i even bought $10 worth of eggs to support the creators of this game!! sadly got nothing overly interesting even won a extra 1000 gold for more eggs but i guess my luck isnt that good, but atleast i got to support the team who made this game.

Also i finished the first online mission currently waiting for the next one!

Thanks for readingit probably see you again in the othe topics and in pvp :smiley:

Hello and welcome! Great to have you here :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums, OhhMikey! Thank you for supporting the developers, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! 

I’m not sure how anyone could not like there game, its reminds me of pokemon but still its so unique you couldn’t have anyone claim that it was a copy… I think i’m in love!!

And wow the mods are so active they obviously chose the right mods!

Some moderators were chosen because they were active beta testers haha, so… :slight_smile:  Thank you.

I agree with you on Hunter Island; it’s like DIB, but better. As in… waaayyyy better, in my opinion. I love the story the most haha

Welcome OhhMikey! You seem really nice, I welcome you with open arms! :smiley:

Welcome to the forums. 

Hope to see you around. 

Hope you enjoy your time here.

Its awesome that you supported the developers I wish more people realized that in app purchases support the developers and it’s not just to get money it’s also could help for future updates.