Dragon Island Blue && Hunter Island for OS 11


Its been a long while since OS 11 was out and I want to know if there is any hope for either of these games to be updated and playable again.

I understand that these games are older and its very clear that there has been a lot of improvements put into neomonsters (mainly the pvp area) but I want to at least make sure these games are not forgotten.

I don’t expect them to be constantly updated or anything of that matter because its obvious that the teams focus is in other areas but that doesn’t mean the games shouldn’t still exist from their last state

Dragon island Blue had no pvp whatsoever and only in app purchases that were not majorly impactful or harmful to game play. Even the roulette for the gold eggs could have been argued as skill based because you can learn to time your tap so the spin delay lands on what you want or close to. There was a learning curve everywhere here.

Hunter island would be tricky because there was pvp and I would not ask a development team to maintain dedicated servers just so a minor amount of players compared to neo monsters to access that feature. I would recommend disabling the game center pvp in this case which I know would upset some people but at least they would have access to the rest of the main game with most of the core features.

If any developers see this or anyone for that matter, What are you thoughts? I feel as though they should at least be accessible in some form considering how great each one was but that’s just my opinion,

Would love to know any thoughts on this matter.

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I know what you mean it would be nice if they were compatible with the newer iOS, I still have both games on an older device and they’re still very fun, I just wish they’d bring them back