Help with omegawyrm

So I am currently stuck on omega wyrm in single player and I was wondering wat ur guys stratagy was for taking him on? Should I go straight for him or take out the weaker ones first

I always go for the weakest ones first. The more you kill, the less damage you take.

For me I took out the omega first cause he kept hitting met hard. However my team barely survived so it may be best to go with Ashley’s. Maybe also try stunning them? So they hit less. I also had I think two arks that had healing which healed my best ones when they got weak.

I just had him at one hit to finish him and he went into a 5 attack streak and k.o. Rest of my team * flips table*

I somehow beat him on my first try. Some bosses just take time. I’ve had to shuffle my team or train. Esapid took me a little bit cause she kept getting bonuses. Same with the leviathans. Just have to figure out a strategy for them sometimes. I wish you luck (:

Arkwing was the hardest for me lol.

Everything else was very easy.

Well ark wings quest showed up a little to early in the story
But this omega is making me rage! But I will beat gum eventually :slight_smile:

Omega was very easy for me.

I dont exactly remember what i did, but I remember beating him in one try.

Everyone has different “walls” in the game. Mine was mostly Esapid and the leviathans. Those two. I want to beat with a rusted dull axe :expressionless:

My walls were dahag and this omega

You’ll stomp it eventually. Just think over what you can do to make it easier (:

Remember to stay on topic. This topic is about the Omegawyrm quest :slight_smile:

A decently levelled Georex and Leviathan (65 - 70) with haste will help you take down the supporting wyrms with Dracobane fairly quickly. The faster you take down the supporting wyrms, the less bonus actions you have to deal with.

I took down Omegawyrm first to get rid of the strongest boss/biggest threat and then mopped up the other dragons after

This is long, for quite a silly purpose. But I got curious.

Assume it takes 20 seconds to kill Omegawyrm, 10 seconds to kill each of the others because they’re weaker and die faster.

And assume each wyrm hits you once per second. This is just for example purposes.

If you focus completely on Omegawyrm to kill it, you’ll have taken a total of 60 hits. 20 from each wyrm.

To kill the next one, it will take 10 seconds. So you’ll take 20 hits (2 wyrms left). For the last one you’ll take another 10 hits.

You took a total of 90 hits.

Now if you kill an easier one first in 10 seconds, you’ll have taken 30 hits. 10 from each wyrm.

Kill the second and you’ll have taken another 20. 10 from the two wyrms left. And kill the omegawyrm now, you’ll take an additional 20.

In this case you took 70 hits.

70 vs 90. Can you apply this to the actual fight?

Well, what if you just take turns? Say it takes you 10 hits to kill omegawyrm and 6 to kill the others.

Omegawyrm first: you take 10 hits while killing omegawyrm, because for each hit of yours, Omega got a hit back (roughly). At the same time, the two other wyrms each got 10 hits in. So you took a total of 30.

To kill the next, you’ll take 12. And for the next, 6.

If you go for a weaker first, you’ll take 6*3 = 18.

Then 6*2 = 12, and then 10.

So in this case there’s still an advantage for killing the weaker ones first, but less dramatic.

There may be situations where killing Omega first would be better. But it looks to me like killing the weaker ones first is better.

Don’t forget that since Omegawyrm is stronger he will be doing more damage to you in the time that he is around

Hm… how would that change the math? I’ll have to try it again with that information in a bit…

I don’t really care, taking out the stronger of the three bosses first has always worked for me be if doing it a different way around works for you then do it that way instead

I wasn’t doing it because I thought you would care :slight_smile: I was doing it for my own curiosity. 

Just let me do what I want to do, please. Thanks.

I put all of my Arcadians with vengeance in the back of my line up and the used all the others in my line up to take out everyone other than Omegawyrm and then when I got down to my last 3 or 4 Arcadians I used vengeance