Is typhnowyrm and pyrowyrm really worth it or should I just keep the 4 dragons?

yes keeping the four ‘first’ dragons will take up space for more good arks in your team fuse them to get typhonwyrm and magmawyrm they are pretty good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

I would actually combine typhnowyrn and magmawyrm to get omegawyrm. He’s so strong. But to answer your question yes I would get typhnowyrm and magmawyrm instead of the 4 other wyrms

Yeah you spent the time farming now its time to claim your reward and make omega and besides if its for pvp you will still have access to mag and ty and py hy gai and ven

Omegawyrm is one of the few 12 stars available and he is elementless, so his only weakness is weak to him too! He has great AOEs to just murder lol. Have fun with whatever you decide

Yes infact he is pretty much the only available 12* ark so yup because kami is IMPOSSIBLE to have gotten by now and destructor was very limited in numbers there were only 100 out + a few for the (extremely) lucky and the egg timers so in all about 200+ destructors so not that many compared to the 50,000+ players

Wow!! Thanks for te help. I will definitely get the omegawyrm. :slight_smile:

No problem, anytime :slight_smile: