So I just caught galey and now have all four hatchlings (I already got magmawyrm). Is it worth it to get omegawyrm or should I just stick with magma and typhonwyrm

Omega = thumb of approval​:+1::+1::+1: so yeah get omega its worth it

Omegawrym is pretty good fuse them and try getting a 2nd omega or get another magmawyrm and typhowyrm :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks you two

Omegawyrm is fantastic, in both PVE and PVP. He has two AOE’s, one physical, one magical, so if you know the stats of an opponents arkadions, then you can use them correctly. He is usually placed near the end of the lineup in order to utilize his vengeance attack, which adds 15% damage for each fallen arkadion in the current battle (Not including your opponents). Not to mention his base stats are almost all over 2000.

Omegawyrm is great!