Is Omegawyrm Worth It?

Hello, guys. I’m not really sure how to set this up since this is my first forum post, so I guess I’ll just ask the question in the most blatant way possible. So, do you guys think that trading in all of your fully evolved dragons for one Omegawyrm is worth it? I mean, wouldn’t it be better to have 4 strong Arkadions over one uber Arkadion? After all, if you only have one super strong Arkadion, then it could be very easily focused down by the 3 opposing Arkadions. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyhow, if you guys could just answer this for me, and maybe post the stats of a max level Omegawyrm below, I’d much appreciate it.

Are we talking about PvP or single player?

If we’re talking about PvP, you’ll probably want Omegawyrm in your team and you definitely don’t want any of the basic wyrms in your team (Typhonwyrm and Magmawyrm aren’t bad, though).

In single player, you really want all of them. I’d make Omegawyrm the priority, and then work to get more after. 

Alright, thanks. And I’m talking about PVP.

Omegawyrm is better.

In PvP, you have access to your whole monsterpedia. Therefore, you can then use Omega, Typhon, Magma, and the other four in battles.

In single player…it won’t die easily.

Here are its stats at 99…

Health: 2456

Atk: 2221

Magic: 2221

Speed: 25

Def: 2051

Resist: 2051

No Guard, self explanatory. Def is taken away, added to ATK

Terminate: 2093-2558 physical, targets all

Supernova: 2093-2558 magic, targets all

Vengeance: 2177-2660 physical, targets one, +15% power for every one of YOUR arkadion that is defeated

You’re right to say that your one omegawyrm can be focused on by the other three. However, what would you prefer? 3 basic wyrms, or 1 omegawyrm + 2 other monsters that are stronger than the basic wyrms?

I’d take the latter option. That results in 3 stronger ones. You don’t lose anything. 

Besides, once you get up in the ranks, you don’t have room to waste slots. Better to have one really powerful monster. After all, you can either have…for example, 9 Online Mission monsters, Magmawyrm, Typhonwyrm, and Omegawyrm…or 8 Online Mission monsters, and 4 weaker dragons…keep in mind that Online Mission monsters are very powerful…well, some of them anyways.  Not impressed with Meowzard…There’s a better strategy than Firequeen+Minoblast anyways…ahem.

Now then…the point is, Omegawyrm is better for PVP.

Oh, that makes much more sense now, Ashley. And thanks to Tiberius for the information.


Although, a little note- if you’re not yet in the highest PvP ‘bracket’ (Expert?) the regular wyrms can carry you. I think I got to expert using all four on my team; made it ridiculously easy, as nobody in Rookie can match their base stats, and in Veteran they still offer superior performance.

Once you get to Expert, though, you *definitely* need to upgrade. 

Well, I’m currently in Veteran even though I have a 1:1 win/loss ratio.

But my gaiawyrm can do 3990 dmg it’s called vrid claw ( he’s level 99) so I’ll do fine with a normal wyrm

Yes Omegawyrm is worth it, hands down. Just make sure you put it at the end because of Vegence. Also, No Guard + Terminate may not be as powerful as one may think. It won’t one-shot full health Arks.

In PVP, just a side note that after you get your Omegawyrm, you will still have access to your Magmawyrm and Typhoonwyrm, but they will be rank E, because you don’t own any of them anymore. To get them a better grade, you need to obtain them again.

Is it worth it? I would say yes because, unlike other Arks like Bloodclaw which may be one-shot easily by Holy or Beastbane, I found both wyrms are very reliable - they don’t go down easily. Even Vegitiger’s dracobane requires 2-3 hits to take down the Typhoonwyrm.

Magmawyrm can easily counter the currently popular Mossgolem and Vegitiger, and can form part of the Army Flame combo.

Typhoonwyrm can kill Water Arks easily and set up a great condition for Snowja.

When facing a Destructor, if you get a chance, just Throw.