Is the Omegawrym worth making?

Basically, I’d just like to know if it’s worth making since I’m close to being able to make it. Is it a lot stronger than the wrym’s needed to make it?

That’s like asking if ice cream is good


It is stronger than the Wryms.  It is a good monster however it isn’t the best, there are PvP and online mission monsters that do better it.\

Edit: Deadpool…you’re  :ph34r: ing me!

It more boils down to me not wanting to go through farming the dragon hatchlings again, as that was a colossal pain. I think I’ll stick with my wrym’s if it’s not great an upgrade.

Anymore opinions…?

No don’t get me wrong.  It is an major upgrade.  It just isn’t the most powerful monster in the game

well just so you know… in PVP unlock a monster once and u can use it’s highest rank you’ve obtained.

So once you have omega

you can also use typhon and the other one

and each of the 4 wyrms that make them you so chose to do so. So for PVP you don’t really “loose” anything by fusing them… for single player ya, you will need to farm again.

hope this helps

That’s EXACTLY what I’m after, Yonfire! That’s helped a lot, mate. I guess I’ll be making one now. Thanks again.

Not a problem! Glad it was what you needed :smiley:

It’s one of the five 12 star monsters in the game. (I believe). You definitely want those five!

Make him, and savor the 3 wyrm combo in pvp that always pawned me

How do I get the omegawyrm recipe?

You defeat the Omegawyrm and its two “helper” wyrms for a quest you receive in Reijin after beating Tiamat.