Help w/ pvp team

Could I please have some tips on my pvp team? The frontline works pretty well when there isn’t sherloid because I can stunboom or sendback to get a kill and poison everyone (this is a problem lol) and I don’t think the second half of my team works that well.

A galv in the FL is a quick fix to kill a pesky sherloid, and it would work well with stun boom. You could push glac back to around gyo, and turn on Gyos SBA for a potential 4 man wipe if it goes well. Not sure how well glac works in mid game tho.


Absolutely agree that having a method to deal with sherloid is key. Just look at the stats last PvP season and see how frequently he came up.

Personally I’d consider taking out the Terror to make room for Galv. Killing 4 at a time is always risky. Even if there’s no sherloid you can stun pulse to ensure the Titan kill on something hard like bloom. Try some games without Glac and some without Terror and see how you go.

Your poisoned Cobra, Black Titan and Glac should still be potent enough to cause damage.


Thx for the tips I’ll try galv in place of terror. What do you guys think about the rest of my team?

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Personally I wonder if the stun protection is enough, especially as you only have 2 absorbers throughout the entire team. If you don’t want to run another absorber, perhaps add in Mecha instead of Auro. I think unless you build a part of the team around Auro I wouldn’t use it. It’s fairly easy to deal with for most unless it’s heavily protected or surrounded by bigger threats. I haven’t got enough experience with Harley to know much about the end game. Oak to mop up the enemy Auro revives is good.

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Well at first I put trickster AFTER oak which is a terrible decision because then he’s poisoned lol

Glad to see you have a galvbane

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Oak should only poison the enemy :thinking:

It’s probably another bug exploit hes gonna get nerfed

Daunt is pretty good for giving penguinator the turn

I’d move nagandia back a spot or two so that the poison revenge helps oak, and the daunt is more likely to give peng a turn

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Go and get Whikerchap for fast sendback … cheaper, faster, stunimmune

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Good idea. Cybereon was fun bc a lot of early games ppl didn’t anticipate the stun boom into blacktitan.

I made these changes to my team. Gyomurai has actually gotten sba off a few times even with only three waters and vampviper seems better ahead of peng. I was wondering if I should put fokus in somewhere.

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Looks very nice! Now the key is to test it until you can see what flows and what doesn’t. I try to test around 5-8 games before making any changes because it give me a broader field of what works and what doesn’t.

I hate how Sherloid, a 2 star, 6 costing little turd of a monster, is warping everything around itself like that.

There should probably be some type of nerf

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I know! Imagine if there was a legend version which tanked moves. And had Knockback next. And sleep all. This is why stag is and forever will be the spawn of the devil.

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At least it costs 13.

I’m considering moving glaciaron towards the middle but I’m not sure what else to put in the frontline. Stupid stag keeps messing me up lol.