Haypi Monsters

So at school at lot of people are talking about haypi monsters so today I thought I would try it out but there are two Haypie monsters and Haupie monsters lost towers so I don’t lob which one to try I was wandering which one is still being supported and which ones better I would like your thoughts.

Ps don’t get me wrong in love hunter island but I’m curious about this game also.

EDIT:Nevr mind it’s awfull Haypi is. I been trying catch a hatchling still no luck  but I like competitive games so im gonna go back to that and trying to catch skullrex.

Haypi monster isn’t too bad. You need gold for anything decent though and the purchase prices for it are a bit steep compared with how much gold you need for things.

Yah i saw that But thanks.Hunter Islands still my favourite ios game.

Edit:100th post wow didnt notice.