Similar Games to Hunter Island

Hey I’m still new to posting on forums so I apologize In advance to any mistakes. I was kind of wondering if anyone knows of great games similar to hunter island and dragon island blue. I love these types of games and just can’t get enough of them. I already have haypi monsters (another favorite of mine) and was looking for others.

Cosmic Island is being worked on, and I believe there may be a sequel to Dragon Island Blue. Micromon will probably come out soon too.

…I’ll be looking for haypi monsters, thanks. n.n

Sorry, felt this was a bit off topic due to it being a discussion about other games

Carry on

Micromon looks amazing!

They said dragon island red will be the next out.

Micromon!!! The trailer looks awesome !!! Cant wait to play it

Oh ya, Team Monster is a fun Monster collecting game. It’s a mix of Pokemon and Battleheart a lot of fun.
Is Dragon Island Red a real game coming out lol?

In regards to Dragon Island Red:

As far as I personally know, Cosmic Island will be the next game ZIgZaGames creates and releases, considering we already have a Facebook page for it and concept art for it, where as we have nothing for DIR

True enough. CI does look pretty sick though.


Other than those mentioned I have tried D.O.T. Defender of Texel, and Monster Kingdom.  Neither one kept me for more than a month, but DOT has some really cool features I loved.  I just wish the game was simpler to play.  It got overly complicated managing my team.