Hate overpowered monsters in online events

I have nothing against PVP teams thats not the issue, but certainly i hate the already predeterminated overpowered teams and monsters, instead of Just creating Other more efficient teams the machine Gives too much power to 5 star monsters or 6 star monsters to crush you like a mofo in several online events and ■■■■

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The AI has to be buffed in order to be a challenge. It isnt smart enough to properly use the teams.

To compensate for not being able to think an adapt and do anything besides use killer move and then AOE, the AI has to be stronger.

Like the previous poster said, the game would be too easy without the enemies getting buffed. There’s an event in the game called “Game of Hordes” where we fight unbuffed enemies in teams of up to 60 monsters. It’s one of the tougher events but the fact it’s quite easy to realistically kill up to 40 monsters with a normal team goes to show how we need the buff in other events.

What the buff also does is make more monsters threatening. A lot of the game is about leaving the enemy team with one or two monsters that don’t do much in the situation (both PvE and PvP). If the enemies are buffed then monsters that would normally struggle to deal damage are actually a big threat, hence we can’t take control in PvE battles quite as easily.

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