You got four S rank (or possibly A rank) dragon hatchlings in a half a day of farming? 

That is so absolutely unlikely that I have a hard time believing it. But, I have to give you the benefit of the doubt and say: wow, you’re lucky. 

Thanks for the info going to farm the first stop =)

How easy are they to catch once u encounter them. Like what is the catch % at full health?:slight_smile:

That depends on the overall level of your monsters in your team. If you have already beaten the game and have a strong team, probably 97% capture chance. 

Ah okay i have beaten the game and have 4 monsters level 99 i think
But thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

It’s very plausable that he didn’t catch S or A but used the grade boosts from the PVP prizes on the Omega.

Good post tjoolde - now find us those starters! :) 

I suppose that is something to consider - if he’s an avid PvPer :).

That’s how I got my S rank Omegawyrm.

Heh, yea i did use 2 of my grade boosters on my omegawyrm :slight_smile:

i did get quite lucky with the farming though aswell, i think i had 2x A ranks, 1x B rank and the last one was either D or E so didnt get quite as lucky on that one.

Also, i am in the process of uploading screenshots of the locations to make it easier for everybody.

It took me many days to get my first Ashie… you’re certainly lucky!

I am on a two grind and not even a one yet. lol

It took me four hours each to get my dragons

the starters took longer

Surprisingly, the longest was Frostjack at three days, of all things

Are these all spots that multiple people have gotten them at?  I got Ashie at spot 2, but are the other 3 spots tested?

try it and find out

I’ve just gotten Ashie, Bluey and Galey in the spots said above - so I can clarify the information. (I nabbed Greeny from the first egg)

THANK YOU FOR THIS GUIDE! I just got a Leafy (S) after 1-2hrs of farming!!!

Are all these hatchlings going to appear S or was that just random luck?

That was pure luck, 2 of mine were E…

The starters are the first four spots on the path above Orlen

Frost kit, then brakie, then the chimp then the pig 

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wicked guide! i need another bluey to finish my typhonwyrm :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been hitting the 1st place north 4 well over half an hour n haven’t had any luck yet mite give up 4 now