It makes no sense to make the spawn rate on the hatchlings and starters soo low i mean i understand they dont want everybody running around with 30 of each but heck i dont see why i should have to take an entire week to find them i mean i love this game but i hate sitting here for a week and not even finding all of them i have found leafy and thats after spamming one spot for four days havent even seen any of the others why cant they make the spawn rate like 5.00 so people arent wasting there lives away trying to find these special monsters!!!:rage::rage::rage::rage::sob::sob::sob::sob::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Well… you found one. That’s a start.

Honestly, you don’t need these hatchlings for a good team. Sure, you can make omegawyrm. But then there is luxknight, angelon, etc etc that is easier to obtain than hatchlings and starters. And there’s OM as well, so…

Let me ask you a question, are you angry with the OM?

Whats the OM

And i dont really want then for my team i want them so i can complete the so called pokedex of this game 

Online Mission.

I just think Online Mission monsters are much more frustrating to get than dragonlings and starters. You see, OM offers you a chance to get it easily, but they are gone in the next week. So maybe you went on vacation with no internet - you come back and you see you missed that one arkadion you wanted most. ARGH! Now you have to wait!? 

But even if you waited one year, those starters and dragons will still be in the same spot. With the same spawn rate. Doing nothing but… being there, waiting to be spawned.

You say you don’t want them for your team… well, don’t you need a lot of time for the pokedex too? I think there are less monsters to catch in Hi than in Pokemon.

People seem to get very frustrated with hatchlings and starters… I’m wondering, what are y’all doing? Are you seriously just sitting down and trying to get it?

Stop for a second. Go get… a video game or something. Or a book. Or the TV. Or your homework (goodness forbid).

Do those things while you are farming. You’ll find double tasking is less frustrating because you’re actually accomplishing something rather than just wasting your time for just one little monster.

Well, these are the basis of our opinions. I personally would prefer if they kept it so low. It takes me a long time to get them, yes, but I wouldn’t find it satisfying if I found them more often. It makes me feel real good when I catch something I KNOW is rare.

But feel free to continue discussion, this is only my two cents :> No one is stopping you from expressing your hatred/anger, just keep it appropriate. ;>

I plan on keeping it approprite i guess i sometimes on occassions take my anger out on random websites i watch tv when im farming only i end up either watching more tv then farming or farming more then tv and i get frustrated thatnk you for giving me your 2 cents i hope we can continue to talk bout the game and have fun u have answered so many peoples questions on here thank you

So stop wasting your life on trying to find them , its that simple … The spawn rate on the dragonlings and starters are fine where they Are . They are a lot of better stuff to come .

I have 1 hatching and 2 starters (including from beginning)

Hatchling was from and egg and I farmed a starter for ~7 minutes before finding him. Then I have been looking for a whole day with no luck. It just depends on your luck

people seem to forget (or just dont know) that there is a counter on each rare spawn spot that counts how many arks you have encountered. if that counter reaches 2000 it is granted to get a rare spawn. thats for those who are really unlucky in finding starters/hatchlings. (the counter resets as soon as you get a rare spawn on that spot)

so i wont just give up on it. everybody can get those. for some it takes more time for others it takes less.

Really??? Well I guess we can’t be counting every single encounter that wasn’t a hatchling. Sigh…

are you sure that the counter exists? 

Does the counter reset if you go to a town?

that counter exists, admin confirmed it in chat last week.

that counter resets only when a rare monster spawns.

as far as i know (not 100% sure) there should be counters for the starters and the hatchlings. im not sure if there are counters for other spots aswell. just for those 8 spots.

the counter is based on arks met if i remember it right. so if battle like 250 arks per hour (good achiveable average) you should reach the 2000 in about 8 hours of farming.

Killed the earth starter the first time I met it :frowning: now I’ve been farming for a total of probably 2 hours and now that I’ve read the counter resets I wanna punt a cat for being so careless!

Hey, don’t punt a cat! The only one you can punt is me! No exceptions!

I’ve heard about the counter, but I thought it was a rumor. Lovely to know that it actually exists, brings a smile to my face.

I founded all 4 in 2 days and made a omegawyrm by too bad it’s c rank XD
You could find it easier if you have a metallodious that can use escape that’s what I used to help me find those hatchlings easier but it could get a bit boring as you keep doing it over and over but I didn’t gave up. My lucks were pretty high :smile:

^hooray for grade boosts, am I right? xD

Glad to know that there’s a counter for those who aren’t that lucky with eggs.

What’s a counter

I really don’t know how to explain it better, so I’m borrowing this explanation. I hope you don’t mind.

i don’t mind at all :slight_smile:

Will alll creatures become avaliable in the wild, or will they become avaliable only through weekly missons and pvp rewards. I do the weekly mission but I always don’t get the guy and when its a fusion i end up with only like 2 of the components.