found fire dragon hatchling

Two spaces north of agramis, on main path.

Congrats and thanks for sharing

Sweet time to no life that spot. Thanks

whats the drop rate for hatchlings?


To put that in perspective, I’ve been going at it for about… 6 hours

I’ve spent a week looking for Leafy. :slight_smile:

whered you get your air wyrm?

Gold Egg.

Where at? I’ll join the search :wink:

Nice try, Forever, but you ain’t getting anything out of me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you’ll find it soon, though… :slight_smile:

Congratulations on having the patience to get that. That makes one of us. 

I’ll be checking one space after the second town tonight. We’ll see soon.

I would just like to confirm this spot. Just caught my Ashie too.

Massive thanks again Forever.

Thank Shinji, he pointed me in the right direction.

How long does it take to find them usually ?

I got Galey (air Wyrm) in a gold egg. It was the first one that you get in the tutorial. There are some VERY good monsters you can find around orlen, like the starters and the hatchlings. :slight_smile:

thank u

It depends on how lucky you are.

Some people found it on their first try - EXTREMELY rare and very unlikely.

Some people found it within their first hours - lucky, unlikely. But not extremely.

Some people found it within a few hours, as in 4-5+ hours. - slightly lucky, slightly unlikely.

Some people found it within a day or more - normal to unlucky. Slightly likely, or normal.

Some people… find it in a week. Unlucky. And very unlikely. So…

Bolded the ones you may be interested in; unbolded is just extra information based on my opinion.

I got 2 Hatchlings in 4 hours so it dependa

Ive been looking for hours and no luck :frowning: