is it 1/2000 arks or 1/2000 battles?

I’m pretty certain it’s per ark

1/2000?! Fluffy chickens, no! D:

It’s 1/200 (per arkadion). If it were 1/2000 a lot more people will be frustrated. ^^;

I thought that there was a counter that guaranteed one if you hadn’t found a rare after 2000 battles

There is (according to some people), I just thought he was asking about the spawn rate. ^^;


Spawn rate = 1/200 per arkadion

Counter = 2000 battles

Are they always high grade? I’m getting frustrated trying to find a decent Twiggy etc.

Unfortunately no. :c

I should catch them regardless when I see them though right? A Grade E Snowkit is better than nothing… right?

Yes. Catch them. You can always come back later and try again.