Okay guys, gyo just sucks :joy: his ss restriction buffed him slightly… But to ne honest… Its a Monster that doesnt need any setup, goes through shields, could be abused with tt and a few protectors… Why does overconfident strike Has no recoil such as confident Attack? Only a slightly recoil, like after 3 moves he has to refresh to move on…
And his capability to kill with >70% health is okay, but how in earth should the enemy know if gyo has more or less 70% Health ? A onetime Note that gyo is now under 70% health would help a lot… I know u guys will all say stop crying, get good or what soever… just say ur opinion and lets discuss

He doesnt have a different damage scaling at 70%/100%, but in return valza does alot more damage then gyo at 100%, so even gyo at 100% cant 1 shot high hp monsters. Thats just how the skills is, as explained to me. Hes fine the way he is.

By the way, the fact that youre the guy that abuse gazer the most in the game (and like to brag about his 90% win ratio that he got only because of his broken gazer combo), this thread is kinda funny :wink:

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My Main Problem is that ist so difficult to see if gyo is above or under 70% … It is somestimes pretty important to know…
And yes i use gazer, but there re way more People that abuse him… Espcially with TT…
The win ratio… I think gazer just decides battles which re pretty close… Rest is about which fl wins and who has the Better midgame…

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I agree that health should show a different color under 70%. It is an important thing to know.

And for gazer - ive lost so many games after i had the big upper hand (8+ monsters difference), because a gazer combo with terror will easy kill 8 monsters in 2 turn. So if you dont counter it (well you cant), then bye bye

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Gyo nerf made him unusable for me, there are better options right now then gyo.

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Always said he’s OP. Most monsters need to be charged. Bloodcrave/ thirst etc, but Gyo comes ready charged and it has to be taken away, and with a good protector that’s near impossible as he simply has to remain above 70% .

When I question if a monster is OP, I think is this monster running around in frontlines which are just full of protectors / TT. If the answer is yes it probably is.

I know people will kick off about some of us saying it’s imbalanced but the ready charged nature combined with decent speed just makes it OP imo


Agree I’ve tried to use gyo this Pvp and lost so many games

That I can agree with would help everyone

Unusable is too much, it is still very good just now you cant abuse its ss

Confident Strike has recoil? Lol wut

Confident Attack Not strike, i meant that move that azarel got, or that earth se death revenge fox

So from you’re original post, what you meant to ask is why doesn’t overconfident strike have recoil like Zealous Attack? @Moking


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Really? Gyo needs a buff?


When health is under 70% it stops sparking. Just check for the sparking.

Main point: an Indication for 70% health,
suggestion: small recoil to avoid permant overconfident strike spam esp. During One on one or TT + protection abuse

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As enemy Not as user

So many monsters have critical moves with no recoil that can be abused behind a protector. I don’t think Overconfident Strike needs any recoil.

Gyomurai is one of the best PvP monsters and it’s mainly because it counters so many strategies with its immunities and piercing move. It can be a massive pain to face but even though I don’t have it I’m happy it exists. We need these kinds of monsters that counter stuff and can be built around in a viable way.

I really like the suggestion of showing when a monster is below 70% HP. I totally back that. Showing 20%, 50% and 70% with different colours is useful for everyone.

Yo gg I remember facing you. I made a stupid mistake during the game which screwed me over, but I really enjoyed that game.

Thanks bro! I think I remember it, as I knocked back your Lion in the front line? What’s your in game name?

Same as on here. I think you’re confusing me with someone else as I don’t have lion. I had a gyo fl when I faced you.

I can’t remember sorry bro! :frowning: i’m sure we’ll play each other again as we finished pretty close to each other!