There are many ways to deal with Spriggolo.

  1. Anticipate his entrance with low tu moves so that when he enters you have 2 monsters that can damage him before he gets a turn.

  2. Knockback next. He will be sent back to the end of the team and by then if you dealt with the whole enemy lineup there isn’t much he can do to change the outcome.

  3. One ultradusk or double bt with Delugazar.

  4. Auto poison/poison gas is also effective in removing his shield.

  5. Stun him so he can’t get his turn as fast and you get more time to deal with him before grovo can use dual give turn.

There are many ways to deal with him and Grovo, just be careful and think ahead when you see Grovo in the reinforcements.

  1. sometimes it hard to fucus only on sprigollo coz there are always another threats and keep 2 monsters on low TU is hard.
  2. Yea that could work
  3. Also could work but not everybody has BB
  4. poison tick dones not always break shield sadly.
  5. Yep also can work.

Grovo can be killed but you often need to sacriface few monsters to do so.

Lol do you not have any monsters with protector killer?

protector killer does not one shot grovo and even if it killed grovo then sprig cast another grovo. I dont need nerf but Grovo is god damn OP.

The point isn’t to 1 shot grovo tho…

I know that was just a reaction on Garrys solution.

Is Grovo broken now? What?

It always been, not just now

Uh no, grovo being good is a recent thing.

C’mon top 10 players, don’t be so hard on the rest of the player base.
If players who are not frequent in the forum are taking the trouble to discuss about it , then something is wrong with it .


Thank you for the feedback guys. Here is the thought from dev team.

We think it is not hard to deal with Grovodeus, but that is based on the experience of a veteran player or having the right collection of the monsters to counter it. Moreover, the AI may have hard time to deal with the combo as well. So we believe it deserves some little tweaking.

We will keep the original concept of Grovo. We are thinking to lower Spriggolo’s speed to 60ish, so that players have more time to deal with it before it takes action.

Any thought?


That would destroy grovo again imho.
Sprigolo’s high speed is what makes it worthwhile.


@Dev_VKC glad you guys are taking it seriously. My suggestion is don’t let buddy revival work if Grovo is in the reinforcements. Or a small tweak to speed might work.

Yeah, we thought about that, but in that case if Grovo got Knock Back, the Spriggolo will be the deadweight.

So we suggest tweaking Spriggolo’s speed instead. The whole combo is still there but it lets opponent has more time to deal with it.


U my fav dev. U actually talk back to us. But yes reduce his speed to 60ish will make him good but not terrible. Plus since he has a shield he still has a big chance of doing damage.


I wanted him nerfed from the beginning even though I own it but after playing against Grovo and using it against the AI I can’t in good conscience say that it needs a Nerf.
It isn’t that hard to deal with and the AI does surprisingly well against Grovo. The amount of posion and armor piercing attacks is prevelant enough to handle the little green Namekian as well.

I think Grovo is perfectly balanced. If we are going to start nerfing monsters because newbies are complaining then we should Nerf some of the truly OP monsters that obliterate newbies beyond recovery.

The fact is he isn’t a top tier monster in PvP. And is now usable in PVE.

Also the TU on Spriggolo’s attack is HUGE.
I don’t get what all the fuss is about. I’m not a veteran player and it doesn’t bother me.

When I see Penguinator, Dolphreeze, Gyo, Magama, Goldtail, BB, Malwing, ect ect coming in next in the reinforcements I’m on higher alert then when I see Grovo.

Take Goldtail as an example. If you let it in without having your monsters at low TU… Buckle up for torture and frustration of the highest order.
Good luck to all the newbies that aren’t prepared.

Do I want Goldtail nerfed because it is tough? HELL NO

How can newer players get better if they don’t face tough monsters and players?

From day one of PvP I faced the unstoppable(for me) BB spam that Kei was using. Instead of complaining about it because my team got obliterated without killing more than 4 monsters I LOVED the experience and looked for ways to counter it. Finally beat that team.after many months of learning more about this game and getting new momsters. I can’t describe the satisfaction.

If you guys nerfed Delugazar back then I would have been royally pissed even though I didn’t own it. Because as I said here: Delugazar AOE, should be 1 target attack..!

It’s bloody fun facing it and finding ways to kill it.

These are my thoughts. Others can tell you that I almost always oppose nerfing monsters. 90% of the time I have argued against nerfing monsters I didn’t own said monsters. My opinion is honest.

imo unless you’re sleep or stun locked dealing with grovo isn’t an issue , even with my limited pool of legendaries

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Oh and one more thing…If the AI having some trouble with Grovo merits the speed Nerf on the Namek

Then please Nerf: Reven, Tenebris, Doomengine, Nebel, CosmoDragon All stun revenge duplicating legends and All stun revenge duplicating 4 star monsters. Well any and all monsters that help us win events…

The AI struggles against them so Nerf them to hell…:exploding_head:

You take it a bit to seriously mate

I do think a small speed nerf will keep grovo buddy in place

I have played this game for more than 3 years. So I think that I have some expirience. Of course there are ways how to get rid of Grovo but it is really hard especially with fast sprigolo who can resurect another grovo and for “newbies” it has to be nightmare.