Dreadwolf worth it?

Is it worth grinding the 2 starters to fuse them?


Always yes

What about the trenderback or what ever it is

No they are not worth the effort.

For PVE, you may better off spend the same amount of time to farm another Omegawyrm.

For PVP, they are very weak.

But for collection purpose, yes.

Yes its worth it!

Why do you think it is worth it?

If I fuse an E rank farmed snorkeling (fully evolved) with my A rank starter frost kitty, what rank would it give me? I saw a post relating to fusing but I can’t find the thread now.

You’ll get a C rank

It average’s the rank between both arcs

Other then Last stand, it only has 2 attacks that attack all enemies, a magical and a physical one that use 250 TU. The lack of a strong and/or fast single enemy attack makes Dreadwolf and ordinary Ark. (IMO)

Its not an ordinary arks its a badass cool looking arkadion

In all honesty I just got in because it looks bad ass :slight_smile:

Told u!:stuck_out_tongue:

It looks cool. It’s decent. It frees up a spot if you have other good monsters for ID. It’s not good for PvP. Then again, the starters themselves suck for PvP too. Tremorback is better than Dreadwolf for a few reasons. Meh.

For the amount of work required to get it, it’s awful. But it looks cool at least. Don’t stress on getting a good grade and don’t waste a grade booster on one lol.

No indeed I wouldnt use a grade booster on it but its good enough for PvE

I didn’t have to waste any time farming for him since I got luck and caught a 2nd starter when I first started playing before I had any idea how rare or hard to get they were. Since I got him as soon as I got the recipe he ended up being very useful since I didn’t have a lot of other high star arks. I wouldn’t waste a lot of time farming for one but he does have his uses.

U where very lucky then

I’ll second that! :smiley: