Golden eggs- how to get the arcadion you want

If you buy/win a golden egg, you have to search for the arcadion you want ( don’t touch the screen) . After you’ve seen the ‘favorite’ you have to count the seconds ( or count the number of changings in the right line ’ main prize’) until it appears the next time .( ~ 19 times but I’m not sure). If you touch the screen the next ‘round’/ time ~ one second before it will work.
I hope i could help you ; )

Not in fether mode


If you are in fether mode, they appear twice so 
Watch out ans count right ! ; ) 

can u make that more clear

Using an example:

You get a gold egg. You see Subzeratops. You want it.

Okay. So once you see Subzeratops disappear below the screen, start counting. One one thousand (one second), two one thousand (two seconds), three one thousand (three seconds). You don’t have to say “one thousand” but make sure you count right. Alternatively, just use a timer. Or you can use what glowfish suggested: counting how many times the “main prize” picture changes.

It turns out Subzeratops is nineteen seconds apart, or nineteen picture changes apart. So you count again, but this time, press stop about 17-18 seconds. 

“Fether mode” is fever mode, I believe. Glowfish is saying rares appear twice in fever mode (AKA subzeratops will appear twice in this situation) so count carefully.

That’s what Glowfish meant.

Thanks Glowfish! ^^

This is one of the most useful posts I have seen. Thx to glow fish and kooka!