Fever Eggs

to get the fever egg from in store quest egg, you have to hit in the middle of on the fever egg, and 1 after the fever egg.

to get what you want in fever, you have to hit 10 spaces behind your prize.

if your prize is on red, and the colors go blue green yellow red, you will have to find 2 reds back from your prize, then hit the yellow behind that red.

very happy to say i’ve won 2 5000 prizes in a row and i just HAD to come on and tell everyone about it all!

Have fun winning!!!

Confusing after getting Fever, but actually getting te FEVER EGG works. Not sure about, the other trick, still trying to figure it out xD Good job though

disregard my way of obtaining the fever egg, they changed that part and i forgot to mention it. otherwhise the whole 10 monsters back thing still works. HAVE FUN!!!


do you mean, you see your price, than count 10 space after your prica and stop or do you mean you count 10 space before you can see your price?

But thanks for your description :slight_smile:

Nice method. Using mine I’ve gotten 11 5,000 fevers so far. Though I have been spinning for a long time (not a beta tester, but I have a lot of time).

But cheers, mate!

My English is not that good, can you please discribe it a bit better for me?  :wink:

i want to do this but the last time i got a fever the wheel was spinning fast and i couldnt so what was what really, any tips?

Try tapping stop right after a “fever” egg disappears below the screen.

I’m not sure if this guarantees you fever, but if it doesn’t, you can yell at me later. ;p

The placements of fevers change every time you buy a new egg.

I personally love it when 3 fever eggs are in a row. Lol.

i got fever and got a bunch of crap, dont even know how u can see the things behind them

I sort of gave up on gold eggs. I just feed off of the eggs the storyline gives me now :x

ya, i am too now