What method do you use to time eggs?

Some people find all caps offensive and unnessecary…

But on topic. What methods have tried?

I’ve tried using ark’s to get the one i want. ex: Make a note of the ark that comes 6-8 spaces before the one i want and try to aim for it.

Will be trying to narrow down the use of the metronome method this week.

I moved this topic to the FAQ section, because you’re not asking for the location for any monsters here.

There are many possible ways to time eggs. Some people use stopwatches. Some people use metronomes. 

Here’s an idea: there are about 35 slots per color in an egg. So, if you can, find the color the prize you want is on. So, say your prize is on the color blue. 

Start counting as soon as you see your prize, and only count the color it’s on. So count every blue one, ignoring the rest. From what I know, the wheel takes about 8-10 slots to stop. Since there are 4 colors, 2 blue slots will be 8 slots. You’ll want to stop it, then, around the 33rd blue that you count.

You should be rather close.

Am I an expert in egg timing? No. This is just a theory. People who are actually good at this should jump in and point out any errors I may have made :slight_smile:

Edit: I realize that I wasn’t actually taking about fever eggs here. And people are probably more interested in fever eggs, given the 5,000 gold prize there.

I’m sure you can do something similar in a fever, though…

Why count eggs? Iknow u get better arks but where is the fun in that ?

Getting the better Arks… 

I’m of the opinion that either 1) it should be completely random or 2) the 5,000 gold prize should be removed. 

If either of those happen, I’ll be happy.