OM Question

Ok,I have a question about the OMs
I stopped playing around the Subzerotops one,and came back and restarted.
When I beat the presence on the current level,instead of getting an egg like i used to,i get a gemios.
Was this implemented?Or just dumb luck?Or a glitch?

Plz help

Most of the prizes are recipe based now. So you get all but one of the parts needed to make the main prize, then you get one or two eggs to hopefully get the last one so you can make the main prize. Of course if you finish fast enough you get the main prize and the gold mission egg when you beat the level 28 boss.

Ok,thanks.Man that’ll be a lot easier then having to time just right.
They’ve all been recipe-based,im just not used to getting the monster by itself,instead of an egg.