Where is the best place or what is the best possibilities to collect gold?
Silver is no problem but gold I’m always out…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Gold power up mission… Selecting the “hard” option for 100 mana gives you around 73k gold

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Would be hard than lol… I give it a try when I have enough mana but I believe I’m not strong enough yet…

You can use a shared monster il send you a friend request fee free to use my Kirin


If you hoard the player exp one you get same amount of silver and more exp :joy:

I don’t have time to grind unfortunately

You can also sell characters for gold too

Yes but only higher stared heroes and I didn’t want yet to sell some lol…

I used now the hard mode, won, but just got a bit more than 30k
Surely because I’m still so low leveled…

Or they tuned it down from beta. I was assuming the amount would be the same

I also saw that the amount changes with the own level so this could be also a reason…
I gonna see with the time :slight_smile: