Heya, newbie here! I have several questions

Hello! I’ve been playing for about a week, and i want to ask several questions about the game :blush: thank you!

  1. So far, i think i have collected lots of characters and it doesn’t get full. Are there a limit to collect characters (also weapons and accessories)?
  2. In each act, how many soul stones we could get?
  3. Does silver coins have any use besides buying weapon in the offline story? (I’ve collected quite much .-. i want to know if i could use it)
  4. Any tips to improve my play here? (Like evolve, boost, awakening, and play strategy?)
  1. Don’t believe there is a cap. I could be wrong though.

  2. I would like to say for the online acts you receive around 400-500 soul gems per act. Not counting the harder difficulties. Could be more or less but that’s what I remember getting for act 4 if I’m remembering correctly.

  3. Silver has no real utility besides buying items. Gold is what you use to evolve everything with so it has more value.

  4. Make sure you save your soul gems and only pull on banners that have useful SSR’s like Astrid. Every SSR is good but some are better than others. For example Astrid is very good and the yellow dragon thing Ozachron looks good on paper but kinda sucks if you don’t have adequate support.

Also be mindful of the banners that have both good SSR and SRs. You will likely get one or the other when pulling 4K on a banner so it is advised that starting off you only pull on banners that have both good SSRs and SRs

Finally, take advantage of the online events and grind to fully awaken the SR characters and SSR weapons they feature. They will help you immensely.

For the monsters there is a certain inventory so there is a limit. thats why it said buy inventory for 40 soul stones

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Thank you!!