Coins (end-game)

I already have the ocarina I want…is the in-game currency used for anything other than ocarinas and ark stones? Would be nice if we could exchange silver for gold…say 100k silver for an egg or something.

You can also buy level boosters with silver. That’s what I spend all my silver on. Getting gold with silver is too dangerous.

Oh really? How do I do this? Is it in the market hut? Thanks Ashley!

Its in the reijin island shop

Agreed on the silver -> gold being dangerous. Perhaps grade boosters. It seems silver is pretty useless end-game. Just a thought!

Why would sliver for gold be dangerous?
Honestly it bothers me that I am unable to spend my silver for gold. Something reasonable like 10,000 silver for 400-500 gold or something… Most of the time I use the gold to get hard to catch Arcadians. Maybe add a way to spend sliver on ark gold ark stones or something

Why would sliver for gold be dangerous?
Honestly it bothers me that I am unable to spend my silver for gold. Something reasonable like 10,000 silver for 400-500 gold or something… Most of the time I use the gold to get hard to catch Arcadians. Maybe add a way to spend sliver on ark gold ark stones or something

Because then why would you even bother paying the developers when you can farm the gold, going by your exchange rate?

Getting 10k silver is easy and exchanging it for 400 gold? That would be far more abusable than egg timing to get the 5k gold prize.

Everyone would have loads and loads of gold and the developers would be literally broke because of this abuse.

You seriously underestimate how easy it is to get silver in this game, even if you’re going slow.

10K silver is too low. Like 1M silver for 500 or 1000 golds?

Actually I support this, but the exchange rate should be something like 100k silver = 100 gold. I think it’s a fair trade since most people will finish with ~1m silver, which gives them an option to spin 3 extra gold eggs. If you ask me, 3 gold eggs is nothing, anyone commenting here will likely to have spun 3 gold eggs (randomly) and know the chance of winning something good is still very low. Farming for silver is hardly abusable, since 1 gold egg will require ~500 battles and it’s just another option if someone is willing to spend their time for that rather than for example trying to get hatchling. 

Since silver are easy to farm a good ratio will be 1.000.000 for 100-150 gold but I think dev never take this way for HI, they’ll see their benefit go down…

If you play the infinite dungeon then you can get 100k silver in no time at all, and it certainly wouldn’t take nearly 500 battles.

You can get 700+ silver every battle, and then there’s the free 700’s where there’s no battle involved.

I think an exchange rate of 500k silver for every egg (300 gold) is not as abuseable. People will still buy gold, because:

  1. It takes a long time to farm that much silver before the ID

  2. People will want monsters before they have a team strong enough for the ID

This would in turn help the people that don’t/can’t time and make things more balanced. Yes I do realize the timing will be fixed, but what about the hundreds, if not thousands that have already taken advantage of this and have gold reserves that will last a LONG time. Even if they make more egg exclusives, release the current egg exclusives into the wild and fix the egg spinning problem, we are still left with the problem of the people that already have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of gold, which then those people will not only not buy gold but will then have a significant advantage again…

Don’t worry, the update is supposed to take care of those who have unnecessary amounts of gold too

That said, again you guys REALLY underestimate how abusable this exchange rate would be.

Just wondering how they would do this. By the way I’m talking about legitimate wins on the rolls when I am referring to large amounts of gold, there is no way they can track it if the person was timing.

The one thing that can be said against the exchange rate is that the rich would still get richer, but the poor would get richer as well. It isn’t the best outcome, but without them doing something to the timing abusers (which I don’t even think would be lucrative) I don’t see a way they can balance this. Maybe that is why they are talking about a new game. That would fix the problem and they would of course learn from their mistakes. This would really be unfortunate because HI is such a great game, but I think that greed may be a factor for its downfall.

However, if a new currency was introduced for rolls specifically, this could be an alternative. This currency could be buy able or given out in dungeon crawl. This does seem like a huge overhaul with problems of is own, so again I could understand why a new game would be a better option.

I really don’t think it’s abusable at all, given that the timing becomes very random - & say a battle gives u 1K silver, you need 1000 battles to exchange for, say 500 or 1000 golds - that’s not even enough for 2-4 golds & if it’s totally random, we all know how crappy the pulls are gonna be.

This is the only way everyone that tries very hard can get more chances in gold egg.

Could you please tell us more about this update that takes care of gold owners? Not that I own crazy amount of gold, but I’ve never heard about this.

How much is unnecessary? When I randomly stop, it’s lucky if I can get a good ark out of 15K golds.

I think the main concern is h a c k i n g here. I imagine it’s easier to h a c k silver because that’s not a paid currency, but I can’t h a c k, so I’m not sure.

If one can hack silver, sure can they hack gold right?

Pretty much it should take care of those with obscene amounts, thanks to egg timing. Like really unheard of amounts. They do actually keep track of how much gold you have/should have.

I’m not sure when they’re cutting it off but I highly recommend you dump that gold

But seriously, silver is so easy to collect and and to make an exchange rate for gold would be a huge mistake. Even getting to 1 million would take a week if you really tried hard enough.

I think the level boosters are a fine investment for your silver. More than enough

Yes they can, but like I said, I think it’d be easier. I dunno about y’all, but personally I’d take the easy way out if I got nothing to lose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I think grade boosters should be available for an insane amount of silver (e.g. 1 million silver for 1). I think that’d be better than buying gold with it.