Increase amount of silver from missions.

The only thing silver is used for is ultra evolving, SS unlocking and feeding growth fruits. Feeding a de-age alone costs 5000 silver. A legendary without being fed a de-age or super de-age takes 1000000 silver to evolve and unlock its SS. Now that’s insane considering the max amount of silver you can get from normal mines is 70000 and once a month 450000 and only way to keep your stores full is by grinding everyday. So increase silver in normal mines to atleast 450000 and super mines to 1500000 because it’s only used for evolving and this will not break the game, ruin the Devs income and only thing it will do is remove the endless silver grinding. Or add a grinding mode.

You get 240 tickets a day. The silver mines cost 15 tickets each time for 70k silver and take no more than 1.5 minutes. So that’s 24 minutes a day if you use all your tickets in silver mines (time is not an issue here).

240/15 = 16 times per day. 16*70000 = 1,120,000 silver a day. This is pretty much what’s required to get a legendary fully completed.

24 hours worth of tickets and ~25 minutes of time to get the silver for each legendary doesn’t seem much to me.

I haven’t grinded for silver in like 2 years, and my stash still consistently sits at around 15 million even though I do a lot of ultras and secret skills. Silver just isn’t hard to get ahold of at all.

We get lots of silver. Actually, I would like an exchange system for it. Something like 1,000,000 for 3 gems.

Unlocking cost inefficient secret skills and ultra evolving my pointless epics would be a waste…

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When I did my 150-200 hero rank grind i gained like 10-15 million from that.

Where do you get the silver from? Pvp? Because I’m also running out constantly. Just out of interest Have you guys evolved all your epics?

I’ve evolved everything. Only few ss I haven’t unlocked because of shortage of ocarina

You need extra silver to evolve and unlock the secret skills for CDs

While you’re still evolving all the Epics and Super Epics yeah you’ll be running out and needing to farm some to do evolutions. However, you need to farm silver, fruits and ingredients for ages to do all this and it’s simply part of the early-game (first few months). Once you’re past that it’s easy to keep on top of each resource.

I wouldn’t say so, mate. Played for a year, lv 136 and still always on low silver.

I judged it on my brother who started back in October. It took him 4 months to get through all the initial stuff and now it’s just each time he spends 150/300 gems it takes a couple of weeks to get everything finished. However, he’s a pretty heavy gamer who uses his tickets efficiently and it can definitely be hard when events require all your tickets. We each have our own experience I guess

Im always low on silver. Got like 100k now. Everytime i need to evolve something i have to go to the mines and grind. Would lovr having higher silver in there for high level players (unlocked in rank xx)

I’m interested now… do you guys have to do the youth fruit mission much or can you basically live off the fruits we get in rewards? I’ve never really had a problem with silver but I guess that’s because I take both the silver mines and youth fruit missions as a necessity each time I get new monsters plus the silver mines are super quick to complete.

@Killerdog I don’t do the youth fruit missions anymore (level 86) and rarely run low on silver. If I happen to luck out on hatches (which recently happened) it might take a couple weeks to ultra-evolve all of them and occasionally I’ll be one or two fruits short to train something, but I usually just use friend chest instead of farming. For the most part special events (especially pvp) & the monthly super power up event are enough to keep things happening for me.

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I can live with the fruit but always run out of silver.

Took me a year to evolve all epics, 100 se’s and 30 legendaries

I can easily get by fruits and when I run low I just use friend points (I have 14k) but silver is hard. When I got the account from a trade it had roughly 5000000 silver. Now after a few legends and SS unlocks later I currently have 70000. Now I don’t mind silver mines. I had to do it once to unlock a SS but what gets me is the slow animations so I now have a different suggestion.

Match should start instantly so no running and healing animation.

And they could introduce silver mines 2,3,4 etc on the same map. How they work is that they double the rewards and tickets. Like the normal mine costs 15 tickets and gives 70000 silver. They add a second mine which gives you 140000 silver for 30 tickets and so on. So a lvl 7 mine gives you 490000 silver for 105 tickets (lol) so problem solved. You get the same amount of silver as you would from 7 missions in one mission for the same ticket cost and removes the grinding. As a side thought they could add some bonus silver as well and as for monsters than I would like to face 55 metallo. This could also be applied to growth fruits.

Auto replay button.

You only need to do one click and the game automatically replays the mission and grinds itself until tix are below 15

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