It’s been suggested before that the egg spin should be thrown out entirely and that you just get a random monster from an egg. Well I’ve been thinking about that and came up with this:

Three different eggs at prices of 100, 200 and 300 gold. Each egg in turn will have a higher chance of getting rare monsters/high grade monsters. So the 300 gold egg would give you a better chance of getting an egg only monster but you could just as easily get an S class Bluechick or something

Awesome idea!!! This should be implemented ASAP!!!

Anything to throw out timing eggs is highly welcomed

In fact I will even pay cash to get gold for these eggs if spikes suggestion is implemented

I’d be up for it

If it’s just blatantly random, instead of teasingly random, maybe it’ll make things more interesting

At least my eyes won’t be tricked or give me as many headaches. However I think the little mini game effect it has should be kept. Maybe in a different way. Makes the eggs a little more fun.

I like the idea.

And without the egg spin thing it doesn’t have to remind me of that horrible lix Duwende spin thing.

This. PLEASE. 

nb4 all protesters who spent way too much time timing eggs

Well, they probably won’t get their loot taken away, so in my opinion, they have nothing to complain about if this is implemented. Except maybe the fact they can’t get more loot. But at least everyone’s having a chance now.

Aye. So long as my time wasn’t wasted, I’m perfectly fine with this…although I do dislike the fact that we do keep getting “picked on.”

Humph. Before, they all accused me of cheating. Now, people are complaining about “unfair advantages.” It has become rather annoying. I spent hours and hours every day to get where I am now, trying to use my knowledge of the game to give advice to newer players. Hmm…well, it’s only slightly annoying.

Regardless, I do not care what happens. If the spins are changed, and I believe that they probably will be, I will support it. If my stuff does get taken away, which I doubt will happen, I’ll just quit. Won’t have much of an impact on the game itself.

Anyways…yes, I support making the eggs completely random. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this idea.

“Picked on” doesn’t need quotation marks. I’ll be honest, people are picking on the timers. But timing is a balance problem. So. I’m sort of neutral on this, as I don’t PvP. The main reason why I participate in the timing issue is because I’m concerned about the outcome. Like you said, it’s probably going to be a growing problem if we just let it be. People may start leaving if it gets too out of hand, and, well, the goal is the gain people not lose them. Haha. Plus I think we’ll make almost everyone content if we make the egg randomized.

“Almost” because I think it’s impossible to please everyone, especially if it’s as diverse and large as this one. But you know what I mean. ^^;

Yes, I do. You made some good points there. It’s impossible to please everyone, I understand.

And I do not oppose the prevention of timing. I don’t think people realize that even if timing was impossible, I would still be doing very well due to the huge amounts of time spent on the game. Now, if people start saying that it isn’t fair that I have the time, THEN I will have a huge problem. I mean, people who spend more time should be better. Duh. When some people, a few of which cannot back up their accusations, start saying that all timers have it easy…well, I get very…VERY mad. The timing itself took a long time for me to develop. I restarted probably 30 times, practicing the wheel constantly. And I have given help to everyone who asked as well. Ever since this has become an issue, I’ve refrained from giving detailed advice, as I do not want to ruin the game or its profits. Now then…the fact of the matter is, I spend more time than the majority of the people here. They do not have the right to complain if they did not work hard to develop their method of timing, if they did not practice, etc. It’s not like I was handed this on a silver plate. I worked hard, and do not appreciate the claims.

On the other hand, I do recognize that the “rich get richer” concept would apply, as…let’s be honest, any online mission is easy if you have 4x S Ranked Frillzeon. Army Flame all the way. Therefore, I acknowledge the issue at hand and support any change made to improve the game. There is no need to act harshly towards individuals. Period.