General Guidance for an Intermediate Player

Hey guys,

I’ve been causally playing the game for about a year now and have low-key become more and more interested in building better teams. I’ve periodically been checking this forum to see what everyone else has been suggesting and was hoping to get some guidance. (I will attach pictures of my collection below)

With my current setup I leverage my Oni with Bunkerbeast to start off, which racks up a couple kills then just randomly use my remaining viable monsters to sweep whenever they are able. I also have been using Luna to stall the other team which has significantly helped.

I struggle completing full events (like Time Attack, and the insanely high levels in Ultimate Challenge) and am trying to build teams that destroy PVE and allow me to collect the full reward for each event.

A lot of you seem like you have a pretty good grasp of monster synergy and that’s something I understand but not necessarily what monster pairs BEST with what monster and in what order.

Also given my current collection of monsters, what monsters would you suggest I keep an eye out for when a banner drops? I’m assuming I should go for sleep monsters and try to fully awaken Sakura since he is one of my best.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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Join line. And myself and others will help u

What is line?

An app u download on cell phone

That harvests your contacts list so they can sell it.

You know they do that for everything every app steals your info even neo


I would appreciate the help but really don’t want to download an app and “join a clan” or whatever. All I’m looking for is general team building help and what monsters would pair well with what I already have.

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Neo community is on Line

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Nah read privacy policy.

Neo when installed first asked me if it can access my contact list ! I was like wtf ! Rofl

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Dnt be difficult. You don’t have to join no clan. It’s just a better way for us to communicate and most of the top player are on line so u can get multiple ppl advice.

Most of the top players are also on the forum, just saying. @DMG_Dinocat I’ve avoided being on Line until the recent community tournament where I didn’t want to be the difficult one being stubborn. Both the forum and Line are places to look for advice, but it takes a bit of luck catching someone when they want to give some time into helping with team building or giving tips.

@Yakuza not trying to be difficult, just was hoping I could get answers here. I’ll look into it. Is it like discord?

@Killerdog for sure. I wasn’t expecting everyone to drop what they are doing to help. Just wanted to get a post out there should anyone have time. Any guidance is appreciated. I think I may just need to pull more decent monsters with synergy to beat those higher PVE levels.

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Event teams differ very much highly dependent on the event you want to compete in.

So maybe you neee clarify first what kind of team you want to build?

Pve or pvp?

I think most of us won’t have the time to build specific event teams for you, all I could offer would be some general hints on how to beat these events

@Guesswhosback that’s what I’m looking for. I would love some general tips, I would prefer to make the team myself.

What I want to do is build teams that I can steamroll the higher PVE levels like Ultimate challenge. When the monsters get super buffed and I can’t one shot them with dreamhunt anymore is when I start to struggle. For this type of situation do I want to rely more heavily on the monsters that have sudden death or auto kill like Geartyrant?

All I do is read privacy policies and terms and conditions you be surprised how much info is taken from us for the luxury of using many programs

Those late night calls are just @Dev_VKC lurking

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@Zardecil and @Killerdog have no power on line either, so you can’t be censored @DMG_Dinocat

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Correct, Geartyrant and other monsters that kill regardless of what the enemy monsters’ stats are.

Another strategy that was the biggest in the past but is losing popularity is sleep lock (Mainly with Goldtail). While sleep locking there are a number of things you can do to take out the enemy team, get creative.

The most common strategy right now is using Aurodragon with death revenge, i.e. making a second copy of all those monsters with death revenge and hence in theory getting to kill more than 16 enemy monsters.

Lastly, anything that lets you create a version of an enemy (super buffed) monster is excellent. Fighting the AI with your own super buffed monsters can be an easy way to victory, but can be a little bit unreliable because getting the right monsters can be tricky.

Woah, a bit uncalled for! Yes this forum has moderators and for good reason. On Line anyone can kick anyone from the group… which happens almost daily.