Need help making a good team

Hello guys !
Im posting here to ask your help because whatever strategy im trying to use im still losing.
Until the half of the game im winning and after that im losing my whole advantage and finally lose the game.

Im gonna show you all of my monsters and i would appreciate from you guys your help if you have the times :slight_smile:

Again thank you for your times guys

PvP or PvE. For PvE you have decent monsters like aurora and Nebel to run a DR strategy. For PvP mid late game I see problems in a 16 monster team because you are still lacking of a bigger monster pool. What are the strategies you are losing to in mid-late game because you have said that your early game is string but can’t maintain your advantage to close the games

Hey thank you for your answer and your times.

Im talking for pvp yes sorry i forgot to say it.

It depend like i have not that much purify in this team im losing against poison but what i dont understand is that im going to take an advantage of 6 monsters at the start but i still lose.

Do you have an idea of a build i should use with this monsters i have please ?

Evolve that purple flutter , robinator!

Ok i will do it :slight_smile:

But i think i would need help to select a team because i just tried a game here again and i was as 16 monsters he was at 10 and at the end i lost it… and im trying to make the best…

I finally found a good team and im playing with it .
I really enjoy the game actually !


This has to be the most happiest post this year !! Sweet !

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We are the admins, we stalk everyone here.

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