Help building my team!!!

Hi everyone,

I attached 3 pictures of my main monsters so you can help me building my team (no yet, I’m having problems doing that, any help?)

I already completed main story and also online main story.

But so far I have not been able to complete level EXTREME special missions.

Neither I been able to make much progress on special missions like islands missions and dungeons missions.

Waiting four your help.

Thanks in advance.

I’d help you build teams that could easily beat all those challenges, but since you called me a “dunce” in a PM, I am not going to help you.

I would give an account to Wing before helping you.
I would invite start a clan with VN Super before helping you.
I would delete all of my legends before helping you.

Unfortunately for you I am petty and will periodically come back to this post and list more hilarious things I would do before helping you.

Z19 GaryOak

This is why:

People need to learn how to apologize.
People need to learn how to forgive.
People need to learn how to forget.
People need to learn how hold their tongue.

So I will lock this and if gary decides to be petty and make another topic, then he will get a warning.

While the initial act was wrong, the reaction was worse.

@dpelaiz pm me(and actually attach pics) and I will help you.