Gems in PVP

Let’s keep this discussion to collectable Arks (non-egg-only). We will also skip the obvious Arks such as the Omegawyrm, so that the new players can benefit from this thread.

What are people’s favourite PVP Arks? And why?

For myself (not in any particular order):

(1) Thunder fox and Raijin: Their flash bomb can turn the table!

(2) Chopper bug: Scramble and stun skin are great. Timestike is good, but the damage seems too low.

(3) Grem knight: Stun skin and time strike are great. Note that its stun skin only stuns a single target.

(4) Voltiger: Its time stike is more powerful than Grem Knight.

(5) Puffoxin: Its Volatile is excellent and can break Don’s combo. Its slow is great too.

(6) Levianthan: Dracobane can counter dragons.

(7) Starters: Their Last Stand is great.


In the future: Hydrablazer, Cryowyrm, Kamiwyrm, Lavagant, Gearwolf, Triphoon, and Cyberwyrm for sure

Why do you prefer Chopperbug to Grem Knight? For scramble?


… Mechadino anyone?

I’m not a PvPer, so I’ll just throw the arks I like in solo play and you guys can pick at it all you want:

Mechadino: Scramble AND timestrike. 

Pengboss: Very easy-to-get and a good starting tank. Plus, metal strike doesn’t work on it. Haha.

Bouldon: Mostly for its detonate.

Duskroc: Chain attack and a good debuff

Skullwraith: Pretty hard to use, but if you manage to land a sleep-dreamhunt, it’s wonderful

Vulcaraptor: I believe this has Ally Fire and Chain attack. I like it more for the chain, and it has pretty decent stats.

Remember, this is for solo-play. These arkadions have been good to me but I have no idea how they fare in PvP, especially since I haven’t heard anything about them from PvPers.

Oh yes I like Mechadino too. It is just that it does not have stun skin, but I believe its time strike can deal more damage than Chopperbug. :slight_smile:

Mechadino is ewwwww

Leave mechadino alone 

Any of the others worth considering as a good starter gem in PvP?

I think it’s sort of obvious the dragons are, but I just had to mention vulcaraptor because I like it the most.

Angelon is always nice

I’m pretty sure that’s considered obvious too. 

I was thinking less of the fusions and more of the single ones. Like chopperbug. That lil’ guy can be looked over so easily, but it has SUCH awesome skills.

Now only if it had better stats

Is doom a good PVP skill? If so I may consider using Inferno…

If your doom-ark stays alive long enough… I don’t see why not.

The problem with doom is that the arkadion that uses it usually dies before the TU runs out. If you have a way to prevent that, I guess it could be good, but doom itself sort of takes up a lot of TU.

But hey, what the fluffbucket? That’s what haste is for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even with a tank, I can’t guarantee my Arkwing can survive for 500 TU. Maybe I will forget about doom then… though I can combo it with flash bombs, I think time strike does a better job…

Timestrike is probably my favorite skill, hands down.

Uh… next to survivor.

Which Arks have survivor?

Get ready for it

dun dun dun


I think that’s the only released ark with it now haha, but I think there are a few more. Cruiserfish is one. Or maybe it’s the only one… my memory betrays me.

LOL! :smiley:

Megalorex has it.

Well, there you go.

But I hate megalorex, so… <_<

Yeah, berserk sucks