strategically challenged

So i have what i believe to be tons of strong monsters but i am pretty much convinced i don’t know how to use them!  I recently got lucky in a couple eggs and ended up with a C rank minespider and an A rank shisaguard that i wouldn’t mind adding in to the team if they would fit in!

I have chillqueen S, subzy S, barricades A, plasmorex A, and pegasion S that i could add as well.

My team is:

Puffoxin S

Gremknight A

Chopperbug S

Goldenhorn S

Luxknight A

Snowja A

Gearwolf S

Arkwing S

Triphoon S

Magmawyrm A

Typhonwyrm E

Omegawyrm S

Angelon A

Raijin A

Don Penguini S

This team has worked fairly well but i feel like i could utilize these a little better if i understood how to use them!

I personally dont like your first three monsters together. You hve no power whatsoever there and the enemy can take out your gremknight without suffering much and your goldenhorn will be quite useless if your not against an earth monster.
You will then be stuck with a chopperbug who can’t AOE and has very little attack power. Puffoxin will also be useless without scapegoat.
If I were playing against you I would just keep the two alive and focus on hitting your monsters that come in.
Most of them have pretty high TU and will get a single hit before dying.

I would say take them both out of your team unless you can scapegoat. Believe me, why someone would kill an ark that wont cause much damage and can stun the 3 arks in play?

My suggestion is replace chopperbug with halopard, it is a much better support ark, but obviously send it back in your lineup.
Keep gremknight to knockback some potential threats, Arkwing and maybe metallodius to try avoiding your Gremknight being ohko.

Have then your triphoon with halopard coming afterwards and use barricadus as the following ark (replacing puffoxin). If the enemy kills your first three arks you will have triphoon - halopard - barricadus. Reinforce/haste with halo, guardian with barri and keep striking hard with triphoon.

You also need some metalslash. If you are too far from getting vegitiger use shadowlance instead of Snowja.

I would go for something like this:

Don penguini

Maybe you can make a few changes or someone else can think of some better ways, but I think it is a much stronger team than what you have right now.

Edit: My mistake, forgot about Snowja’s metal slash, so just go either way.

@Waywar1, I think I just met someone like your team formation on pvp just now. Yes as Tajid said your front three line up arks can not pull the maximum threat to the opponent, it’s more luck based than strategy :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh did you?  I have played a lot today at numerous different times during the day so it is highly possible.  I changed my golden horn for shisaguard and put a minespider in after my angel and raijin.  But other than that its the same lineup!

how did the match end up?  If i actually beat you, you were one of the few unlucky people i actually beat today… hah :frowning:

And as far as puffin and chopper go i use them to have a chance of messing up stego+charca with chopper and the puffin usually takes out a pretty tough ark too.  Sure it is based on luck but there is nothing better than taking out a shadowstalker with the puffoxin!

Oh well, then it must be you! :slight_smile: I barely won(angelon and omega with only one hit health left…)
I remember your first three line up were a bit of headache because I didn’t want to sacrifice my own arks. So I tried to take out your puffxin and gemknight at the same time while I still have chopper or raioh(not sure if you knew, the stunner arks are immune to death revenges) so I was lucky when I took out puffxin it hits on raioh, so it didn’t die :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have a shisaguard if you remember, i think you OHKO it.

Btw you are right the shadow stalker is a big headache. I understand why you use this strategy now. Oh well, let the update come sooner!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Stego+charca is slowly fading away. I have played very few guys lately with the strategy so having a lineup just to counter that is not worth.

As I said before, why would anyone hit puffoxin if there is no scapegoat cast?

Same goes to raijin, chopperbug. They are not real threats. Just have haste.

Let’s say, based on your line up. I take your Gremknight first, so what would you do?

Also Shisaguard really sucks in PVP to be honest, there are many cathcable arks better than him. Now minespider is a fantastic ark for PVP.

I didn’t really see you had it before.

Definitelly put it in, but you really want to protect as much as you can. The way you put minespider in it is very likely to have it OHKO by an Omega or any ark with metal slash.

Always try to have him inbetween or after two tanks and not so late in the game, as many people will have very strong arks that will knock it out with two AOE moves.

You strategy relies solely on luck or lack of experience of other players, because you have to be very naive to hit your stunners/puffoxin when you can avoid them.

I played you a few times last night. I knocked your puffoxin and gremknight to the back then took out chopper bug with a Mossgolem.

I agree puffin is only useful if you can scapegoat it, otherwise anyone that has any kind of strategy at all will just leave it until the end, or knock it back.

The proposed lineup above is a good start, although personally I would scrap Don Penguini from the lineup altogether. Almost everyone will target Don Penguini as soon as they see it, and although you have some sacrificial arks next to it you’ll still be very lucky to get to use showdown, which means your effectively wasting 3 spots in your lineup. I would move Magmawyrm, Typhonwyrm and Omegawyrm to the back, their vengeance can be lethal. 















Arkwing is pretty quick, you’ll want to target any problematic arkadians (like Gremknight or Chopperbug) with him first. Raioh is basically there to just get killed so stun skin activates, although if the enemy doesn’t target him you can also haste and/or stun gift then use an AOE attack with Arkwing and/or Goldenhorn depending on who is still alive. Goldenhorn can be used as a decoy by using guardian, or you can use No Guard and maybe get an attack out before he dies. When he dies Last Will activates, making Arkwing pretty difficult to kill.

When Raioh dies chopper bug will come in and should go first because of the stun skin, this allows you to scramble the opposition, you also have the option to time strike any arkadians that have very high time units or you can bolster. Chopperbug should die pretty quickly, activating another stun skin, allowing Gremknight to come in and use time strike. Again you can haste and/or knock back any troublesome arks too. It’ll be around this time that opposition mine spiders are likely to come out.

Snowja is basically there just to take out any Metallodious, Barricadus or Minespider if you come across one. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to use Xenoslash too, but he won’t last all that long.

Triphoon then comes in. If you’re lucky Arkwing will have survived. If he has then you can reinforce Triphoon and Arkwing, creating a deadly duo, especially if Arkwing has already been hasted. From this point forward your mission is to keep Triphoon (and Arkwing if he’s still there) alive as long as possible as well as doing as much damage as possible. Remember you can also haste with Halopard if you get the chance, but make sure to use offering before either Halopard, Triphoon or Arkwing dies.

Metallodious comes in to protect them. Triphoon should be able to survive if you regenerate when he needs it, Arkwing might die before Metallodious does if the enemy spams AOE attacks. If Arkwing dis before you can reinforce him then you can reinforce Triphoon and metallodious instead.

Angelon comes in to haste and/or heal Triphoon if he needs it, and then Barricadus takes the place of Metallodious.

Then you have the three dragons at the back to who will use vengeance with great effect.

You’ll want to make sure you do as much damage with Triphoon and Arkwing as possible as you’re very heavily invested in them until your dragons come out. If the enemy has any fire arkadians out then use Goldenhorn’s Feud Spear for damage also. Gremknight will likely do a lot of damage to one or two arkadians before he dies too. If you don’t feel the need for Snowja (I don’t personally have any metal slash arkadians as they’re also pretty weak and need to be timed to perfection) then you could replace him with heavy hitter (like Gearwolf).

I agree with the Don Penguini idea. I’ve played around 300 battles in PVP and i think only once i got to win using don penguini’s showdown.
Same goes for losing to don penguini, maybe only once or twice.
Although the strategy is there (angelon, raijin and don) it never works as intended.
As soon as the enemy sees angelon they will take it out first (thats what i do anyway). So you have to be very lucky to take out more than 3 arks with a don penguini without haste.

And to be honest, more often than not, when i lost battles I got screwed by the fact that i did not have any real power at the back of my line up for when the strategy does not work as we want.

I have removed don penguini from my team altogether and it also helps a lot if you get scrambled, as you dont worry about wasting a move to send don penguini back, or even worse, keeping him in battle without dealing any real damage.

And Sabercrest, i think you meant raijin and not raioh, right? That raioh is going to get destroyed very quickly and it does not have stun skin.

Raioh is the one with stun skin, haste and stun gift. Raijin is the fusion of 4x Raioh, but it doesn’t have stun skin or stun gift, only flash bomb. I personally don’t rate Raijin  well at all for PvP, it’s weak and is 1HKO by most half decent arkadians, with no stun effect unless it survives long enough to have a turn. Raioh is also pretty weak but it has the benefit of stunning the enemy team when it dies.

You’re right, I was too lazy to check it and was confused. That’s why I said that about the stun skin and Raijin is the fusion without it. It does really suck for PVP unless you are a charca/stego user.

@Waywar1. Did I encounter you again? I saw a team with Don and Puffxin at the front line up.
I think you have added a lot of strategies in it since last time :slight_smile:

I played that person too! It isn’t me haha I got rid of of chopper and Puffoxin actually. Totally reworked my strategy!! :slight_smile: