Do you think chopperbug is underated?

The more I use this little guy the more I seem to love him. Anyone else in the same boat? Or does anyone strongly disagree? Share your thoughts =D

I disagree because its easily killed

The few players I run into pvp that give me a hard time usually run chopperbug, among other arks. Most of the other players usually just spam Aoe moves with all dragons and other high star monsters which I practically destroy them very easily. To me, chopperbug is one of the most useful arks in the game.

That’s part of the beauty, he dies to low damage, buying your other ARK’s more time to setup strategies or just get in more damage when the stun skin goes off.

Neither. Chopperbug is not underrated. Most of the people know that he is an incredibly useful arkadion. One of the top 10 out of all arkadion that are released at the moment.

Modified poll to include neither

Its just nothing for me haha 

Stun skin, scramble, bolster and timestrike - all great moves. Three of these moves are stats-independent.

It can be easily killed, which is great for stun skin.

But do I like it personally? No. I hate scramble. Because after scramble, (i) I can’t learn from the opponent; (ii) it becomes quite luck dependent, and I feel less satisfied after winning the battle; (iii) everything becomes so unpredictable. A Vegitiger can suddenly jump in and kill my Gearwolf.

While this is true, I’d much rather risk it and throw the dice than deal with the inevitable Omegawyrm-Raioh-Angelon-Penguini.

I see chopper bug ALL the time in pvp, so is it underrated? Not at all.

To me it just looks like a good substitute if you don’t have Minespider.

Mine spider and chopper bug are two very different arks, they both have stun skin, but with chopper bug you want to scramble to mess up a stun line up, or bolster to strengthen your arks, and lastly use it’s stun skin when it dies. Now with mine spider the goal is just to keep it alive long enough to blow it up, if that is unsuccessful, It’s stun skin will help you out a bit. I wouldn’t substitute one for the other, I’d use both if you have them.

^second that

mine spider is perfection in one arkidion 

I started using Chopperbug in PVP because it annoyed me so much to get scrambled I decided to do it to other people lol.

I personnaly think it should not have all these usefull skills because it makes it a no brainer to take it in your lineup and a skill like scramble should be a real cost to add to your lineup. Not come with 2 stuns a buff and timestrike.

i think Chopperbug is weak.

but the reason its weak is because people wouldnt have thought of bringing it into PvP .

But because its weak people have figured out its a reallly easy way to stun people

it Has TIMESTRIKE (one of my favourite moves, if not my favourite)

then Scramble, completely ruins those setups

its great and wwhen it dies it stuns :smiley:

use Shadowstalker’s Scapegoat on Chopperbug

what can they do? xD

anyway idk how many stars it is but keep it te same so people dont think of using it in PvP


^everyone uses it in pvp lol

I think it should atleast be 5*

If it gets more stars it will need more stats, which may not be what we REALLY want.

Well, i was referencing single player when I said good substitute, I don’t do PvP and since you’re only allowed 1 type of ark then yeah having both is good.