Game needs alot of Upgrades & Maintenance

I paid $1, for this game. I would think the creators of this game would at least invest into their own game to make it much much better(because I know they made bank! Off this game) dont get me wrong the game play, the story line and the characters/weapons are really cool, but this game glitches alot. Maybe they should of erased the multiplayer stuff and just kept it strictly a 1 player mode game. I would have been fine with that.
Does any one else feel the same?

This game is approx. 12 weeks old. Maybe have a little patience and see what happens? It seems likely they are both slaying a mountain of bugs and preparing for the future right now. New projects often have small teams.

People expect so much, so quickly!

Take a deep breath and wait and see what they have coming for us in the future before making a fuss. Keeping things in context, I personally think this is a great game so far, with good potential for longevity. Only time will tell.

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@Cozmic_Yeti what would’ve you done with that dollar if you hadn’t spent it on Evertale?