Forum Rules

In order to use our forums we ask that you read the entire forum rules and guidelines posted here. These forums offer you a place to discuss our games with other players, as well as a place to find game-related information. When using our forums, you should treat others courteously and respectfully, and provide feedback in a constructive manner. Most of all, we hope you enjoy your experience here and playing our games!

These rules are not exhaustive; use your best judgement and common sense when posting. Moderators and staff will similarly use their own discretion on anything not properly encompassed by these rules or how strictly to enforce these rules based on the situation.

The current moderators and ZigZaGame staff members can be found on the about page of this forum.

1) Post content

1.1 - Insults, personal attacks, flaming, trolling, bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. This also encompasses threats, slurs of any kind, adult content, violence promotion, racist, sexist, discriminatory or otherwise vulgar language. This applies whether it is done by and/or directed at an individual or a group of users (e.g. a clan).

1.2 - Humourous mocking of cultural beliefs, race, non-native/non-English language, political disposition or any other sensitive characteristic about an individual or group of individuals is also not appropriate for this forum.

1.3 - Off-topic, toxic or otherwise non-constructive posts will be removed. You may not post material that does not contribute to the sole purpose of the conversations created in their respective fields. If you wish to chit-chat use the Off Topics subforum.

1.4 - Do not post the same content in multiple threads, post for the sole intent to “bump” a thread for other users to see or post many times in a row in the same thread. Use the edit option if you wish to add extra content to your post. Moderators will remove or edit any posts that violate this and may issue a warning to repeat offenders.

1.5 - We suggest that private communication with other forum users remains private. Publicly sharing these private messages with bad intentions may require moderator involvement, when appropriate.

1.6 - Do not post hacks or cheats for the game, except to expose them. It is best to contact the moderators or staff directly rather than exposing them publicly.

1.7 - Accounts doing spam bot posts, advertising of any kind or links to advertising will face severe action from moderators. The same is true for links to sites that contain inappropriate material, encourage or advertise fraud / illegal activities, or contain viruses or malware.

2) General usage

2.1 - The official language here is English. Use a translator if necessary. Any posts in other languages will be edited or removed. This is so moderators can properly assess the post's content is appropriate.
  • 2.1.1 - The only exception is for threads trying to find other non-native English speaking players, for those users to easily connect and continue communications elsewhere or in private messages. These must be made in the Off-topic subforum and must be solely for this purpose.

2.2 - Use the search function before creating a new thread to see if a recent version already exists. Duplicate threads will be merged, locked or removed.

2.3 - If a thread is closed, do not create the same thread again for at least a week. (See moderator policies 4.4.2 for details on reopening a thread topic before a week has passed.)

2.4 - If a moderator edits or removes your post, do not recreate what was removed. A moderator may revoke any future edits you make to this post. They may also remove a post they previously edited.

2.5 - If a moderator takes any action against you (e.g. suspensions, official warnings, etc.), we ask you to not create a public discussion about it. The appropriate action is to talk with moderators about it privately to resolve any issues. If you feel strongly that the action was incorrect, you may escalate it to an official contestation if it qualifies under rule 4.1.7.

  • 2.5.1 - In the interest of transparency, a thread (here) has been created for discussion of moderator action. You may write in this thread if you feel strongly an action against you was incorrect and that it must be known in public. Public discussion of this type is not allowed in any other thread. Please be aware that the other forum rules still apply in this thread and we hope you instead sort things privately with the moderators.

2.6 - Flagging is a tool to bring posts that violate our forum rules to the attention of moderators and staff. Use this ONLY to report posts that fall into this category.

2.7 - Impersonation of moderators or staff is forbidden.

3) Your account and privacy

3.1 - You are permitted to one, and only one, forum account and cannot share it with anyone. Additional accounts ("sock puppets") will be banned without warning. If you cannot gain access to your account for whatever reason you may create a new account but must immediately contact a moderator to let them know your situation. The inactive account will be banned so only one can be used.
  • 3.1.1 - If your forum account is banned you may not create new accounts. Any new accounts will be immediately banned and the continued creation of new accounts may result in action taken against any game accounts you have for games owned by ZigZaGame.

3.2 - You may not have anything inappropriate in your profile image or bio. Inappropriate includes (but is not exclusive to): harassing gestures, violence promotion or adult content that is beyond anything seen in our games. If another user has an issue with it, it’s probably not appropriate.

3.3 - Any personal information you choose to share with another user or publicly on the forum is at your own discretion. We do not recommend you exchange real-life personal information.

3.4 - DO NOT share your transfer code (or equivalent). This is your personal way to access your account. If it becomes known by others you are at risk of your account being ruined.

3.5 - The sale or attempted sale of game accounts, items or services of any kind is strictly prohibited.

3.6 - Trading game accounts with another individual is not supported or recommended by the development team. We cannot help you if something goes wrong. A transfer code will not be changed so the original account owner will always have access to it and may ruin your experience.

4) Moderator policies

4.1 - Warnings, suspensions and banning.
  • 4.1.1 - Minor offences will typically result in a post edit or removal and/or a polite public comment by a moderator, but may extend to an official warning message.

  • 4.1.2 - Repeated or major offences will typically be met by an official warning, possibly suspension. If the warnings are not respected or there is no change in behaviour a suspension will be issued.

  • 4.1.3 - The length of a suspension will be at the discretion of the moderator taking action. Typically, if a user simply needs removing from a discussion then it will last a few days. If it’s as a result of more general behaviour it will be for a longer period.

  • 4.1.4 - If a user has received multiple suspensions then the lengths of future suspensions will be increased and a final warning may be issued, resulting in a ban if they commit another offence.

  • 4.1.5 - Bans will not be considered lightly. They will only be issued to prolific offenders or users who show no sign of responding positively to any action, hence are uncontrollable negative contributors to the community.

  • 4.1.6 - Users will not be banned without at least one official warning, unless the violation is very extreme (e.g. terror threats) or the account is clearly a spam bot.

  • 4.1.7 - For users who are suspended for more than a week or permanently banned, they may choose to contest the action if they feel it is unjustified. This is done by contacting a different moderator or ZigZaGame staff to plead their case. The situation will be reviewed by all moderators and a mutual decision given.

  • 4.1.8 - If moderators are involved in any heated discussions / arguments while talking as normal users they cannot take moderator action against anyone they’re arguing against without approval of another moderator (who is not part of the discussion).

4.2 - Moderators will never ask you for your forum password or game account transfer code. If a moderator is asking you for information you do not believe you should share then contact a ZigZaGame staff member about it.

  • 4.2.1 - ZigZaGame staff members may ask you for various game account information when investigating your account, including your transfer code. This will only happen when you specifically ask for an investigation. The current active staff members are @Dev_VKC and @Dev_BRD. See the about page of the forum for the list of moderators and ZigZaGame staff members.

4.3 - A newly created thread can be closed by a moderator for one of the following reasons (note this list is NOT a definitive set of reasons):
a - Insults
b - Personal attacks
c - Trolling
d - Knowingly spreading false information
e - Duplicate topic

4.4 - A thread can be closed at any point by a moderator for one of the following reasons (note this list is NOT a definitive set of reasons):
a - Excessive instances of insults or personal attacks
b - A predominance of toxic behaviour
c - Significant derailing from the original topic
d - Necroing an old thread
e - No longer relevant (e.g. about a specific issue, which has been resolved)
f - Discussing a topic discussed at length in previous thread(s)

  • 4.4.1 - In the event of a thread derailing from the original topic moderators will take action.

    • a) If the new topic is appropriate for the forum, the posts will be split into a new topic. However, if the original topic was concluded the thread may be left to continue.

    • b) If the new topic is non-constructive or otherwise too challenging to split, the moderators will assess whether it is better to return the thread back to its original topic or to close the topic.

  • 4.4.2 - In the event of a thread closure.

    • a) Only the creator of the thread can dispute its closure. They may do so by contacting the moderators or staff, giving their reasoning. The thread will be reviewed by them as a group and a decision will be given that is henceforth final.

    • b) If a user would like to create a new thread about the same topic and one week has not passed, they must contact the moderators or staff and give their reasoning. If given approval, they can create the thread.

    • c) If a thread is closed purely based on the nature of the discussion that was happening, rather than the topic itself, then the moderator responsible for closing the thread will leave a note explaining this. In this case, a new thread on the same topic can be created immediately by everyone. However, moderators retain the right to, at their discretion, close the new thread at any time if it is not taking a significantly different path from the previous version.

4.5 - A post can be deleted by moderators for any violations of the post content rules detailed in section 1. Moderators will attempt to edit or move posts, as necessary, rather than delete them if possible to do in order to maintain any constructive input they have. However, users may still be issued warnings or other formal action based on the content removed.

  • 4.5.1 - When a post is deleted, all posts in the subsequent conversation referring to the deleted post will also be deleted or edited (as required) to remove any trace of the discussion it caused.

4.6 - The meme thread (and similar designated threads) will be given more freedom to bend the forum rules for the sake of humour or satire. All posts will be allowed at the discretion of the moderators and if any post clearly upsets other community members (particularly the recipient) it will be removed or edited.

4.7 - Please note that moderators are also players of the game and spend most of their time engaging on the forum as any other user normally would. They have their personal opinions and when discussing them their words hold no extra value. They must also follow all forum rules. Treat them as you would any other forum user. When moderators take action it’s to help keep conversation flowing and structurally in order, as well as keeping down the level of toxicity in the forum community. Moderators are all volunteers, taking no payment for their responsibility.

5) ZigZaGame rights

5.1 - ZigZaGame staff reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason, and also to ban anyone who wilfully violates the forum rules. It is the role of the forum moderators to act on things not appropriately encompassed by these rules at their own discretion with the sole intention of encouraging a healthy forum community. They are subject to overruling by ZigZaGame staff if necessary.

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