3 people

Are more or less spamming this forum. Every topic looks the same. You might want to chill a bit so the newcommers can feel invited aswell. Just saying! :wink:

I have to kind of agree. As much as I love the conversation that go on in this part of the forum and as entertaining as they are, at some point you have to determine whether its really relevant to that thread anymore and if not, you should consider maybe moving it to general discussion or even the very handy chat box :slight_smile:

I have deleted a fair amount of spam at this point, if you go through some topics and find any spam, report or alert a moderator immediately. We only want the utmost ease at viewing this forum. 

Off-topic and introductions are left alone though i read through everything for bad material. Any more reports that may cause offense or would like it to be private, a PM is widely welcomed :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Bella. I could see why it may be a little intimidating for newcomers to comment on the thread when it’s gone so far off course, I’ll make sure to let a moderator know if I see any more in the future :wink:


Ill be joining in on the clean up as well. I didn’t think it would get so out of hand like it has.

Sorry about this guys.

I was thinking the same thing as I was reading the topics, before I actually posted.

The issue has been resolved.

If it happens again, there will be a punishment.

If you see anything that we may have missed, please let the mods know.

We want you guys to have a pleasant experience here and you know, stay for a few posts in a forum made for a game we will all clearly enjoy.

There will be some growing pains but together, we can make this forum work.

Who’s with me?

Couldn´t agree more. :slight_smile:

I do apologize for the spam, didn’t mean to cause an upset.

Just wanted it to chill down before it got way out of hand. By the time I wrote this every content of every topic ended with the word “waffle”. :wink: No hard feelings! I still love you all!

Didn’t know things got that out of hand, again I apologize.

Sorry that got as crazy as it did! You know what happens when you get crazy people with no sleep and nothing better to do! Glad we are still friends too!

I do know Shen… I really do. ;D

Good :stuck_out_tongue: