The Forum Rules have been Updated!

The forum rules were written in 2013 and it’s about time they get an update! A few points reference outdated things (e.g. “Do not impersonate a Hunter Island developer”) and it’s been noticeable by the moderators over the years that some additional points would help a lot with handling situations that arise in the forum community.

The moderators have cooperated with the developers to create a brand new set of forum rules:
NEW Forum Rules

You’ll notice that the rules are now split into sections to aid with ease of reading. Sections 1, 2 and 3 are all about how everyone should participate on the forum. Section 5 is to clearly state ZigZaGame has official ruling over everything. Section 4 is the new section that is a detailed explanation of how moderators intend to operate, which aims to bring both consistency from the moderator team as well as transparency for the community about what moderators are doing.

We really hope that you all like these new forum rules and they provide the platform for a continuation of the good community we are all a part of here. Please take the time to read through them all, especially before giving any feedback.

If you wish to make any complaints regarding these new forum rules, we have created a forum account where you can file these. This account will remain open forever so any of you can contest some of the rulings if you feel strongly enough that they should be changed or removed. You can also suggest extra rules you feel should be added.
Here is the account for this: Complaint Officer

Otherwise, this thread you’re looking at now is open for general comments and initial impressions. (Or this thread here)


Does this mean now, after all these years, I can finally impersonate a Hunter Island developer?


Here’s my Evertale developer impersonation: :clown_face:

Yes, I’m still salty about it, it was supposed to be the chosen one!

Anyway, let’s not derail the conversation any further.



Helo @Hydar_Alghazali welcom to the neomon forum!

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