You are crossing your limits zigzagame

Recent leak about an upcoming mythic is quiet disturbing and disrespectful .

This is coming from someone who always trolled anyone who complained about Bastia design . I was under the impression Bastia was an one time desperate measure from u to save the game financially . Hence , I was okay with it . But now , this is beyond respect and dignity .


I hope you guys are not fat virgins who know only coding and drawing . If you find this disrespectful , hypocrisy is real .

I play other waifu games too . And one particular game that has waifus almost every other day has not gone to the levels you are des9erateky getting into .

This is by far the sexiest waifu I’ve seen in other games and be ashamed your countersleep waifu is miles pornographic than this .

  1. You are making it difficult for us to play the game publicly . You ask me why ? Coz I have respect and dignity in the society unlike your shameless waifu monsters.

  2. I would not let anyone in school play this game in my circle .

Decision is yours zigzagame , learn to respect women . Stop whoring


Updated my review on the App Store. Has something very different to say this time around.


Actually @Dev_VKC has a hot GF, I have confirmed this

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Dev_vkc is cool . He seems to not support these designs . I bet the management is virgin

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Or some weeb who is not satisfied with irl women

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If they’re going to keep being ignorant and stupid, can they at least change the age rating to 18+?

Please use New Mythic from MC or Unite atleast now to discuss this topic.

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