The moderator action discussion Thread.

As announced with recent the rule Changes, this is the place to discuss about moderator decisions. Please note: Us moderators agreed that this is an experiment. We will review this thread after a while. So if you want to keep this, all you have to do is follow a few simple rules:

1.) Any excessive Criticism of moderator action happens in this thread. This does not mean you’re not allowed to disagree with mods in other threads but as stated in the rules

Any longer discussion has to take place in here. If a moderator asks you to continue the discussion in this thread please follow the request.

2.) Moderators are human beings. Any insults or continuous ad hominem attacks or attempts to continuously single out a certain mod and attack him in a disrespectful way will make you lose your right to post in this thread. Please note: You may disagree as often as you want to with a mod, this paragraph only asks you to stay respectful while doing so.

3.) If you quote DMs of moderators, you have to quote the full DM.

4.) Any attempt to willfully Organise a discriminatory campaign against a single mod by spreading lies, fake news, manipulated content (like tear quotes out of context) will not be tolerated. If you want to post in this thread, stick to the truth.

5.) By a unanimous (!) Vote moderators can decide that a certain decision is not up for discussion or put an end to an ongoing discussion.

7.) All the forum rules also do apply for this thread. This isn’t the basement.


Should this be changed to say “a unanimous”? Some words like this don’t follow the a/an rule. Like how we say an honor instead of a honor. This is the opposite case.

Changed. Thank you :slight_smile:

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