Fix for Azuraidos and Azrazel

These monsters looked nice at release, then for one reason or another (nerfed into the ground or otherwise) they stopped holding their value. Azrazel is a 16 cost monster with a secret skill. When it was instant, that justified the cost. Now it’s not justifiable at all.

My proposed fix is this: give them both a passive that gives them some sort of benefit if they kill a teammate. Shield, acceleration, an immunity, something along those lines. Maybe even something like excessive force like pumpking and kanishogun get.

This would greatly help to justify why they cost so much. If they don’t get anything, please reduce their cost to 14 each because now, Azrazel especially, they aren’t close to being worth the cost with it unlocked.

Would love some feedback here @Dev_VKC


Azuraidos is nice when he gets going. Maybe what it needs is a little more speed and another passive.

If I remember correctly Azra was used for cannibalizing Talo when DR still activated. Azra used to be faster, his speed got nerfed because of the DR Talo combo was too fast… Then DR got nerfed and Azra stayed as he is. He still can get one double bloodcrave quite reliably but if you compare him to for example Dracorosa and Triviathan… I think those two offer more as far as versatility goes… Also the stun revenge should be removed as nowadays it’s a hindrance instead of a quality (almost every new featured is stun absorber/stun counter/converter/immune, it’s ridiculous). Maybe daunt revenge instead? Something along the lines of 30 to 50 sec, usable after 100 sec of battle start.

Raise speed that’s faster than zib as well

First of all Prismpaw 16 cost SS new legendary needs to be fixed then the old ones :joy::joy::joy:

I haven’t seen any of these limited legendaries in a long term…may I ask how many people do own them and if so if they use them in any way in pve for example?

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Sure fix prism too, they can all be fixed

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Nope. Lmao

Besides Bloom they’re meh

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Here here! I have an Azra lead but it aint :poop:. With the DR nerf youre basically looking at 120s before Azra can get a kill. Its too slow.

But whatever. If it aint a new mythic then the devs wont waste time buffing. Except the shockers. 2 of whom got a totally unnecessary buff and are now probably heading for an even more unnecessary nerf :joy:

You forgot dolphreeze the meta breaker😂


Fix to both monsters:

let us activate our own death revenges :joy:

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Yup. Actually all latest water mons are pretty good.

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Biiiish all the latest mons are OP by 2017 standards :rofl: except maybe bundam

Bundam is awesome. Don’t disrespect my dude.

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These are old monsters . Who cares !
Give us better new op.monsters vkc!!

For azra removing stun revenge is a must,

Giving it same passive as rexyotryant ,

Poison immune & don’t know the name of the other one ( but it increases defence when health is below 75%)
Make it 80% as azra is glass cannon. For cost 16

But if cost is rescued to 14 or 15
Then just give it poison immunity & increase speed to 82.

For Azura, I haven’t used the monster maybe someone else can give ideas

For azua give it blood fury and it’s usable.

I’m not a huge fan of that defensive passive because it’s rare to get something below 80% with the one shot meta going on. I will say it would be more useable on a monster that damages itself when it attacks, but I think the concept of gaining a bonus by killing a teammate is kinda neat.

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Hmm, double bloodcrave has a lot of recoil , after one move it will reach 65-70% health easily that’s why I suggested that , but its not like it will be implemented, I’m just giving ideas :sweat_smile:

Exu is right here, They nerfed Azra because of the Dr combo and then ended up nerfing Dr meta anyways lol. He definitely needs to be buffed or reworked to regain his value. I was thinking to give him the similar passive to kamishogun where his attack is boosted by 100% if his health is higher than 50% but instead its excessive force effect and change zealous attack into double zealous attack, i think that would give him a competitive edge. As for Azuraidos no comment lol i dont remember enough about him.

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I love the concept but you’ve gone a bit overboard. I think that would result in a guaranteed double piercing kill from a monster with 77% speed… totally nuts in the front line.

I think it would be great to simply give Azrazel the same passive as Kamishogun, double it’s attack stat when over 50% health. Then it can zealous attack on its first turn for a kill in many cases. Also, either bringing down the cost of the secret skill or making it 1TU again. This monster was only super good when the cannibalise+DR combo was around and it got nerfed way too hard.

As for Azuraidos, the link death stroke is strong but it struggles to get that second kill and isn’t super special even when it does. I reckon it should be given poison immunity and protector conversion should be “healing protector conversion” where it heals Azuraidos. Then it will synergise with Atlantyrant (another link water monster) and setting up the bloodlust should work more nicely.

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Azra its not bad but yeah 16 cost now its too much 14 whould be fine
I would change is passive cus stun revenge is not good at all on him poison immune or imsonia would be good enough
Also Change is link cannibalize to cannibalize