---[UPDATE 1.5.1 is Here]---

Thank you for playing and updating Neo Monsters! This update, we balanced many monsters by not only tweaking their skills but upgrading AI behavior, stats and secret skill costs! Because of the changing of cost, we will hand out an Ocarino to everyone as well!

What’s new in this update:

  • Fixed and improved AI behavior.
    AI will use Overwatch more than once!
  • Link skills now require fewer ally monsters of the same element.
    More strategies to try out!
  • Cloned monsters no longer get extra buffs in online events such as Whale’s Treasure.
    No more full HP clone!
  • Cloned monsters will have the same speed as their originals.
    They come to battlefield much faster!
  • Added more online mission buttons on the Explore section.
    For the players who think our online page is too complicated.
  • Poison now always deals at least 1 damage per turn(except to monsters with Shield).
    Not only that! Monsters will deal at least 1 damage even after they used Protect Focus!
  • Epic and Super Epic monster stats overhaul.
    Now they are all more or less different!
  • Adjusting monster balance (please see below).
    You cannot call some Super Epic monsters trash anymore!!!

---------------------Monsters Tweaking-----------------------

Secret Skill: Lunar Burst
Knocks 2 enemies back to the end of their team. This skill can only be used if you have a Solstreak, Solflare, or Solblaze on the battlefield.


  • Changed skill Bloodthirst to Bloodcrave.
    Secret Skill: Second Dawn
    Creates a full HP clone and puts it next in line of the reinforcement. This skill can only be used if you have a Moonia, Mooniac, or Lunartic on the battlefield.

Secret Skill: Swift Cannibalize

Heavenling, Heavendrake, Heavenswyrm

  • Increased its speed from 33% to 81%. (Must be retrained by using De-aging Fruits)
  • Reduced the seconds cost of Healing Light from 160 to 100.
  • Reduced the seconds cost of Survivor from 130 to 80.
    Secret Skill: Link Shield All

Secret Skill: Link Team Turn

Secret Skill: Quick Summon Trio


  • Increased the damage of Link Slayerbane All.

Mojimo, Mojicraft

  • Added skill Roaring Entrance.

Secret Skill: Summon Guardians
Summons Viridizaurus, Redkong, Wolfrozen, and Galvboss to the end of your team.

Dolph, Dolphlare, Dolphoenix

  • Increased its speed from 58% to 71%. (Must be retrained by using De-aging Fruits)
  • Changed skill Timestrike to Timestrike Double.

Oakhorror, Oakthulhu

  • Increased the damage of Dual Poison Siphon.

All Mortar Monsters

  • Reduced the seconds cost of Load Mortar from 160 to 130.


  • Added new passive skill Twin Summon Entrance.
  • Reduced the seconds cost of its secret skill Iron Curtain Mortar from 100 to 50.

Evilglare, Deathgazer

  • Reduced the seconds cost of Poison Storm from 160 to 100.
    Secret Skill: Step Back

Blushling, Nectarine, Sanguinymph

  • Changed skill Protect Teammate to Accelerate Team.
  • Changed skill Bloodcrave to Switch Friend.
  • Increased the damage of Petal Storm.

Bloomling, Floraslash, Blossomight

  • Reduced the seconds cost of Poison Siphon from 130 to 100, and increased its damage.
  • Changed skill Risky Heal to Bloodfury.
  • Increased the seconds cost of Petal Blitz from 70 to 100, but it can be used up to 3 times.

Glowdrak, Finderdragon, Keeperdragon

  • Increased the damage of Link Poison Eater.

Komapup, Komalion, Komaguard

  • Reduced the seconds cost of Duo Knockback Double from 250 to 160, and it can be used unlimited.


  • Changed skill Ultraquake (All) to Assisted Quake (All).
  • Changed skill Survivor to Retribution.


  • Changed skill Ultrawave (All) to Assisted Wave (All).
  • Changed skill Life Flip Self to Slayerbane.
  • Skill Energy Charge now also slightly recovers user’s HP.
  • Increased the damage of Energy Burst gravely.


  • Changed skill Ultrablaze (All) to Assisted Blaze (All)."
    "Pharohjack, Jackkhamun, Jackalhotep
  • Skill Knock Back Random can only be used 5 times per battle.


  • Added new passive skill Camouflage.

Albabear, Holibear, Pontibear

  • Changed skill Assisted Nova (All) to Stealthbane.
  • Reduced the seconds cost of Link Survivor from 100 to 70.

Flutterby, Glitterwisp, Nectareon

  • Changed its stats to make it more aggressive.
  • Increased its speed from 49% to 82%. (Must be retrained by using De-aging Fruits)
  • Changed skill Attack Boost to Blood Clone Next.


  • Changed skill Throw to Catapult.
    Catapult: Sacrifices the last monster in your team to deal critical damage to 1 enemy. This skill ignores Hold Ground and Shield.

Djinzo, Djinzam, Djinzar

  • Changed skill Bloodcrave to Bloodfury.
  • Reduced the seconds cost of Give Turn Wish from 100 to 80.
  • Reduced the seconds cost of Healing Wish from 100 to 80.
  • Reduced the seconds cost of Death Wish from 100 to 80.

Millipyre, Moltenpede

  • Changed skill Poison Touch to Poison Storm.


  • Reduced the seconds cost of Life Flip Self from 100 to 50.

Thank you very much!
We sincerely hope you all enjoy Neo Monsters more and more with this update and events!

AMAZING,WOW,thnx devs,great buff do dolph

U just nerfed solblaze ots ss should not be dependant on another legendary I just hatched solblaze yesterday I dont have lunartic so he is trash to me fix him or give him double bloodcrave

Thank you Dev for the update…

May I ask? why Cryokaizer didn’t get tweaking?  :lol:

What the heck??? 60% speed link TT???

What were you THINKING!!??

Midas S++ now.

Duplicates now come in with their full speed. This was a big buff to both the legendaries which duplicate and have stun revenge.

Auto poison, 1hp.

Difficulty deciding as to whether I should the last of my coins to unlock Chronozeros Secret Skill or save it in case I hatch and ultra evolve a legendary but overall thanks for the update Devs

but its clone 1HP need to tweak to overcome auto poison…  :huh:

Just refer to them as trashcans. It makes your explanation less verbose.



Actually, shield is still not removed after 1 dmg of auto poison.

Bloodcrave is a buff. He can now sweep at 69 second speed after 1 kill. On top of this, he pairs absurdly with another legendary. Literally absurdly.

This is an amazing update, especially with the buff to many Super Epic monsters.

Only if you have given him a 9 bonus which I haven’t and bloodfury can also do that amd my problem is with ss requiring lunartic.tell me what are chances of hatching him from a single rare gold

Bloodfury is 130 seconds. It cannot do that.
About 1% per egg I think.

You want him? Be patient and save 300 gems.

cant save just remove the requirement of lunartic being on field
Not everyone has both of them this skill is just like oh so u hatched a kegendary well its crap without lunartic so spend gems and get it

It’s not crap without lunartic however. So stop labeling it as such.

Without lunartic requirement it’s too Op.

Wow. Some of the buffs are super op, like… wow. Lunar and the sun are amazing now together, and midas is a 60% TT. Midas actually was already a 60% TT before the nerf (that he cant give turn to a TT now), so with a link restriction it actually put him back on his throne with a bit of more restrictions. So i guess its nice. Also dolph finally got a great buff that he needed.

Overall grear buff to shake the game a bit :slight_smile: