Finally something that can stop retribution combos

I always used to think of a monster which will have a unique passive that can stop moves like backbite/cannibalize. But i heard devs don’t take moveset ideas. So i never even wrote about it.
But now we have it. A super epic that prevents easy retribution combos while protecting you from stun.(Crystal worms have a fine counter now;-:wink:

This monster even looks good. Such a beautiful monster.

Thanks devs for a really wonderful super epic.


The design is so amazing too! It’s so cutee and unique


Rocklock? Wth why give them the tools to counter the counter.


They’ve already countered cannibalism neos, and it’s well done overall, skills and looks. I believe that this creation of quality super epic would also promote the diversity of strategies


Glaci Go Go go


I love the idea that it counteracts retribution strategies very well but if a rock lock user manages to block you with this new guy on the field it’s all over. Still I hope that soon the rock lock strategy will have a balance so I guess it will be fine.


Would Reckless atk work with this passive? If not than Bronzeshells strats will work all round.

Bronzeshells can sacrifice themselves, but boxjaws cannot. We’re gonna see some pretty strong rock lock strats and also tinkerclaus in a month from now lol


And that protector with Voodoo curse

What’s rocklock?

Does this new super epic completely disable throw teams too? as throw is basically sacrifice of one’s own monster.

No, the sacrifice that prevents is from the field, and the launch is from the end of the team or next in some cases

He has sendback.
So i think he can always remove himself from field before being a nuisance.

Can’t boxjaw just explode?
Ah wait that gets blocked too.
So pretty much any deadweight is a permanent deadweight.


If that happens than locking with boxjaw will be far more efficient than rocklocking.
As we can pullback tinker claus many times.

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I don’t see what the big deal is here.

This thing will be USELESS and I do not plan on using her


i’ve +9 my wrathhost…then this happens


Thought the exact same… I hope they’ll tweak it so that it doesn’t affect Token monsters in the future

so uh why would u +9 wraithhost?

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well my revenge team is going to ■■■■, but it has such a beautiful design that it does not bother me