Feedback thread for "Killerdog's guides"

I cannot remember which two it were, got to fight them again to try. Or better test all 6.

We had some new icons added recently so it’s time for all the previously new icons to be shown on the forum! I’ve updated KD's Player Icon previews to include all of them. I think by now most people have seen them already, but one I hadn’t seen yet was this…

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What’s that for?

Either Noircyon or Demon King Fomortiis from Fire Emblem 8

I have a query related to obtaining Icons. Can anyone tell me how to claim icons? After reading killerdog’s guide about icons I came to know that I am eligible to have some of the icons mentioned there.

Try to tap online, achievements, icons, claim.

To obtain bond icon, complete bond level 80.

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Which icons in particular?

I have been able to unlock 9 icons.
I always wondered why I am the only using a default icon. While my friends have been using new icons. Thank you @EBO for your help and @Killerdog for his useful guides.

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Did the goh clearable without a single cresendo monster in team ?

Yes, with Purpie its possible if you have no crescendo.